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If you are about to create a team then simply sign up to TeamStats for free and you will have instant access to a superb range of features to assist with the organisation, administration and management of your new team and players.

We understand that to make your own team is not an easy task, can be time consuming and require a lot of effort. The features that you'll find at TeamStats can significantly help you out, make your team more professional and you might even enjoy it!

Here's just a few of the many features that TeamStats offers and how you can use them to help you create a team: 

TeamStats offers you a simple way to create a team website for your newly established team and players. It only takes a few minutes and costs nothing. Be professional right from the start!

Once your website is up and running and you've entered your squad details, you can make use of the excellent communication functions to easily and instantly make contact using SMS messages, Facebook and Email – ideal for arranging training, matches, team meetings and events during the early stages of when you make your own team.

You can even track the availability to see who can make it and plan accordingly!

Unfortunately there is usually some costs involved when you make your own team: league fees to pay, kit and equipment to buy….it can be a pain using scraps of paper and boring spreadsheets to keep on top of recording all the details. TeamStats aims to help you with the powerful financial management system – record the fees involved when you create a team and enable your players to pay their registration and subscription fees directly through your newly created team site!

Let's face it, you can't make your own team without players! To help you get some more faces on board you can easily promote your team to the local area and beyond with your new team website's news and message forum options.

After you're all set up and organised, you'll want to play some , right?!

You could use TeamStats to find a team in your local area and arrange a friendly match...Thousands of teams from all over the world are already using TeamStats so it should be easy to find a suitable opponent! 

TeamStats offers all the features you need to help create your own team. Once you're up and running, keep using the service to ensure your team is managed, organised and administered in the best way. Make your life easier, use the system to help you and make more time to enjoy your !

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“ has become an integral part of our team. It provides an online network to our players, parents, and supporters - keeping them informed of matches, results and other important team information.”
Andrew Allen, Betley FC U8s
“The text and email facilities allow us to keep everyone up to date of where and when we're playing. It's no coincidence that this past season we manged to field a full team, and subs, each and every week!!”
Colin, Elmer FC
“Teamstats has been an invaluable part of running my team this season. All the players love going on the site to see who got man of the match and to read the match reports”
Clive Spencer, Bushby Juniors