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The numbers on football uniforms serve not only to identify players on the field but have also become symbols of prestige and history within the sport. This tradition started back in 1939 in England, thanks to Herbert Chapman, the innovative coach of London Arsenal, who introduced the concept of assigning numbers to players based on their playing positions. Over time, these numbers have taken on significant meaning, with clubs retiring numbers to honor legendary players and using them to attract new talent.

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Football shirts floating above stadium

Johan Cruyff

  • Country: Netherlands

  • Role: attacking midfielder

  • Playing numbers: 7, 8, 9, 10, 14

The Flying Dutchman is a football legend as a player and coach. The footballer scored 452 goals in 752 matches. The list of his achievements can be enumerated for a long time. Among Cruyff's regalia are:

Three Golden Ball;

Three European Cup victories;

Best footballer in Europe in the 20th century.

Hometown club for Johan is Ajax, with which he won everything he could. During his career Cruyff changed a lot of numbers on the shirt, but most often played under the number 14, with which the Dutchman became a silver medallist at the World Cup, won bronze medals at the European Championship as part of the national team and won the European Cup with Ajax. Therefore, in the history of football, Johan Cruyff is the most famous footballer with the number 14.

Cristiano Ronaldo

  • Country: Portugal

  • Role: striker

  • Playing numbers: 7

Cristiano Ronaldo is the winner of 5 golden goals, a five-time Champions League winner, and the winner of many league and domestic cup titles. The Portuguese is also a European and Nations League champion with the national team.

It makes no sense to list all the merits and records of Ronaldo. But there is one fact - with the number 7 on the shirt CR7 made a real brand. Yes, the Portuguese spent his debut season in Sporting Lisbon under the number 28, and in Real Madrid the first year after the transition wore a nine on his back (7 number then had a legendary footballer galacticos - Raul), but the rest of his career footballer invariably performed with a seven on his back. In modern football 7 is predominantly associated with Cristiano Ronaldo.


  • Country: Spain

  • Role: striker

  • Playing numbers: 7

Raul Gonzalez Blanco is one of the most legendary players in the history of Real Madrid and in football in general. He is the only player who prevented Cristiano Ronaldo from taking number 7, in fact, before the CriRo era began, he himself was the epitome of the number seven in football. The Spaniard wore the seven both with Real Madrid and in the last few seasons of his career with Schalke 04, Al Sadd Doha and New York Cosmos. Also number 7 was assigned to Raul and in the Spanish national team.

Few people remember, but two seasons in the Spanish national team he played under number 10, and at the start of his career at Real Madrid played one season each with numbers 16, 14 and 17. But it was as a seven galacticos striker entered the history of football and achieved the greatest successes, including: 6 Spanish league wins, 3 Champions League victories and a UEFA Super Cup win.


  • Country: Brazil

  • Role: centre forward

  • Playing numbers: 10

Pele is a player who is on the list of the best footballers with number 10 in the history of football. He is the only three-time world champion. He spent almost his entire career in his homeland Santos and only in his last season played for New York Cosmos. In Brazil, the footballer with the club won everything possible. And, although the media football of those times was far from the current level, Pele was known all over the world. For Santos striker scored 504 goals in 496 matches. All career as a club level, so in the national team, the legendary footballer played under number 10.

Diego Maradona

  • Country: Argentina

  • Role: attacking midfielder

  • Playing numbers: 10

If we have already talked about Pele, it is appropriate to go straight to the player who has made no less contribution to the history of football. The debate about which of them is better is still going on to this day. We are talking about Diego Armando Maradona. In Europe, the player played for Barcelona, Napoli and Sevilla. But the peak of his career came during the period of playing in Naples. In the city until now there are mural images of the Napoli legend, and the team's stadium is named after Diego Armando Maradona.

The Argentine twice led the Neapolitans to the championship and almost invariably played as number 10 for both the national team and the club. In only 2 seasons at Napoli did Maradona wear the number 16 on his back.


  • Country: Brazil

  • Role: centre forward

  • Playing numbers: 9

Ronaldo has worn many numbers on his shirt throughout his career. For example, 99 at Milan, 11 in his first season at Real Madrid, 10 in his first season at Inter, 14 and 15 at PSV. Even in the Brazilian national team, the footballer first wore 20 on the shirt, and then the number 18. But Ronaldo became famous just under the ninth number, under which he debuted in his native Cruzeiro, and played a significant part of his career both in the national team and at the club level.

The Brazilian left a significant mark in the history of football. He became a world champion at the age of 17, and won the Ballon d'Or and Golden Boot at 21.

Zinedine Zidane

  • Country: France

  • Role: attacking midfielder

  • Playing numbers: 10, 5, 21, 7, 11.

Zinedine Zidane is another legendary footballer who collected trophies in football not only as a player but also as a coach. He is best known for playing for Real Madrid and Juventus Turin, with whom he won 12 trophies. As a member of the French national team, Zidane became world champion in 1998 and European champion in 2000.

As for the game numbers, it's not all that simple. Zidane started his professional career in Cannes at number 11. Then three seasons in Bordeaux the footballer played with seven under his belt. In the French national team, Zinedine is remembered as an unchanging ten, because of which he is most often associated with the number 10. But at club level, Zidane spent five seasons each for Juventus, where he played under the number 21 and for Real Madrid, where he had the number 5 on his shirt.


  • Country: Argentina

  • Role: striker

  • Playing numbers: 10

Messi is an eight-time Ballon d'Or winner and a living football legend. Nowadays there is almost no one who does not know about the Argentine. Even after moving from Europe to the MLS championship, Messi is still one of the top 10 highest paid footballers in the world.

The Argentine became famous at number 10. It was as a 10 that he spent the majority of his career at Barcelona, two seasons at PSG and took that number to Inter Miami. With a ten on his back, the footballer won the Copa America and became world champion with Argentina. But few people will remember that Messi for a career, changed a lot of numbers. In Barcelona, Messi received the ten only in 2008. Before that, the Argentine played under the numbers 30, 11, 9, 8, 19. In 2008, he was also invariably assigned a ten on the national team shirt. By that time, Messi had played for Argentina under the numbers 18, 19 and 15.


  • Country: Brazil

  • Role: left winger

  • Playing numbers: 10, 80, 21

To complete the list I would like to end with a legendary player, which is Ronaldinho. He is a footballer for whom the game was never a job. Performing any feint or scoring a goal, Ronaldinho always smiled, because he really enjoyed it. This footballer could do everything on the field: shoot from any position, beat several opponents or give a phenomenal assist. Perhaps the only trick that did not succeed Brazilian - it is a border crossing on a fake passport, for which the footballer went to prison in Paraguay. But even here Ronaldinho played football and really enjoyed the game.

In Europe, the footballer played under the numbers 10, 80 and 21 for Barcelona, Milan and PSG. In the Brazilian championship Ronaldinho played several seasons under the 49 number. In the national team, the footballer was ten only in three seasons. In other years he played under the numbers 21, 7, 17, 18, 11 and 16. And the world champion in Brazil Ronaldinho became number 11.

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