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A history, overview and guide

football boots are one of the most essential items to any player, and your type of boot should be thought about with high regard. football boots have made great advances over the course of the past hundred years, with new technologies allowing boots to enhance performances even more. There are three different main types of football boot: Soft ground boots, firm ground boots and hard ground boots. Main sports brands such as Nike and Adidas produce a very wide variety of boots that come in many different shapes and sizes, and it's important that you get the correct boot for your specific requirements.

There are three main different types of outsole that should differ depending on the ground you are playing on. Firstly, soft ground boots are ideal for grass or soft surfaces which are best during the winter months. Soft ground boots also usually have interchangeable studs, incase one gets damaged. However, this mainly depends on the brand of the trainer.

The second type is firm ground boots. These boots are worn through summer months, on firm ground. The outsoles differ in length and width, depending on the manufacturer of the boot. Again, the studs may be interchangeable depending on the brand, however, with this model of boot you cannot remove any of the studs. It is known that the more studs that are on the outsole, the more stability the boot has because of the fair distribution of weight around the whole of the outsole.

Thirdly, the hard ground boot is mainly suitable for Astroturf artificial pitches and when the ground has very little give in it. These boots have lots of little rubber studs, that cover the whole of the outsole, these cannot be removed or changed. It is not recommendable to play with this type of boot on natural grass surfaces, as they won't offer as much grip, support or stability as the other types.

football Boot Manufacturers

There are hundreds of different boots in the market today, so finding the correct boot is potentially very difficult. It's important to try them on before hand, to make sure the size is right and to confirm that the boot gives you some much needed stability. Nike are famous for their football boots, with one of their latest range designed for players with lots of speed. The cheap Nike Mercurial Vapor boot offers great agility and because they are so lightweight they ensure they don't weigh the player down when running. However, one limitation of this design is that it exposes the player more freely to potential injuries.

Many other manufacturers produce good quality cheap football boots as well. Adidas's latest 'power range' boot is the Predator Lite Climacool which gives the player more swerve and power behind his shots.

It's very important to maintain your boot carefully and keep them in good running order for the next game. Make sure that you carefully select your boots, taking into consideration factors like the weather and season of year. Make sure you go for a brand that you know offers good comfort and support for your individual feet as well.

Well know football boot manufacturers and their different boot models:


F50, F30, Tunit, Telstar ,Kaiser, adiPURE, Predator, Copa Mundial, World Cup, 7406


Vapor, Steam, Laser, Ligera, Total 90, MVIII, AZT90, Tiempo, Legend, Zoom, Mercurial


V1.08, V1.06, V3.08, V5.08, Konstrukt, King, Kat, V5.06


Flare, Revolution, X-Boot, Speciali, Ultra SX, Xai


Valde, Sprintfit, Integrity, Rage, Strikezone


Morelia, Wave


Classic, Kang, Imperial, Numero, Supa Copa, Aguila


Zhero, Stadio, Vento, Diablo


Tiburon, Infinito, Master

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