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If you’re a football coach or parenting a young football player, you’ve probably heard about this struggle: “I want to get a degree, but my football career is also important. How do I get better at studying without sacrificing any training?”

Both sport and studies are important aspects of a player’s life. Consistent training enables them to get physically and mentally strong. Proper university education is crucial for the career they plan to develop when they retire from actively playing football.

It’s not easy for an adolescent to combine these two aspects of life. They face a realistic challenge to plan their time and stay consistent with their routine.

We’ll share important tips on how to inspire student-athletes to keep pace with their studies while training football at the same time.

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How Students Can Combine University Studies and Football Academy

  1. Focus on a Future Career

Focus is the key to success. On average, football players retire at around 35 years old. Coaches, parents, and teachers should inspire them to focus on a future career while they are young.

Since players find it hard to walk away from the sport, they often choose coaching/managing or another club-based role. Many former players find their calling in ambassadorial roles in FIFA, UEFA, and other organisations. Others become football journalists or football pundits.

When they choose to study something that supports the desired future career, students will be more inspired to attend classes. They will find the lectures interesting, and they will be much more engaged in completing academic projects. Many students decide to buy assignment online because they find the projects irrelevant to their career path. A highly skilled team of writers offers help for students who cannot complete homework for any reason. But when someone is driven by a realistic career goal, they may be inspired enough to avoid getting help from experts as much as possible.

  1. Learn Languages

Whatever they choose to graduate in, young football players should also learn foreign languages at university. These courses will contribute with credits towards their degree. They will also replace any courses outside university that the players would have to take if they choose to play abroad.

Coaches can inspire players to learn languages by sharing examples like Romelu Lukaku and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who speak multiple languages. Even if young athletes never decide to play for foreign clubs, they will still visit different countries to compete. Being able to communicate without the need for an interpreter is always a plus!

  1. Use Sports to Fuel Your Mind

Many think that studying is hard with full-time training. However, being physically active boosts the mind’s ability to focus on a single mind. During a training session, the heart pumps more blood and delivers more oxygen to the brain. With that, the athlete is ready to take in the studying material better.

Football players must understand that they don’t have to choose between the sport and their studies. When they realize that football is more than a mere physical activity, they can use it to boost their mental power.

  1. Create a Serious Schedule

Being organized is the only way to accomplish multiple big goals at the same time. For serious players, football is more than just a hobby. The training sessions are a big part of their daily life, just like university responsibilities are.

A balanced schedule enables students to improve their self-discipline. It’s still possible for them to have time for a hobby and some socializing. When they plan all their tasks, students realize that a day offers more time for accomplishments than they realized.

  1. Apply for a Scholarship

Full and partial scholarships are available to football team players. However, these programs are linked to academic achievements as well. You have to be a good player and a successful university student to get them. A scholarship can be an important motivating factor for studying. Otherwise, students would have to commit to part-time jobs or online professions to cover their schooling expenses.

Coaches can do some research and recommend different scholarship programs to players.

Everything Is Possible

Football is an amazing game. No matter how convinced you are of your abilities, it keeps demanding more. It consistently tests your commitment and character. However, it doesn’t have to consume your entire life. With proper goal setting and organisation, it’s possible to earn a university degree while training without taking breaks.

Coaches should inspire young football players to study as much as possible. It all comes down to identifying the most important goals and following a plan on how to achieve them.

BIO: Sylvester Greer is dedicated to helping adolescents find and follow their goals. He is experienced in academic research and writing. Sylvester posts that inspire students to improve their achievements.

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