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Football, as a sport, has noticeably transformed and accelerated over the past 20 years, which is significantly noticeable in the overall dynamics of most matches, especially when several world-class teams play against each other.

E-sports emerged as an opportunity for players to test their gaming skills and find out who plays better.

But this is not the main aspect or strong point of e-sports - players can constantly play and communicate with each other, enjoying victory and participating in mistakes.

The developers of EA Sports have created an entire system in which players can transfer thousands of games between themselves to find out who plays better, and at the same time collect the most famous footballers and footballers.

In all matches, you will earn special coins, for which you can buy game sets with random football players.

Financial results may include buy FC 24 coins, a specialist service that assists players in all aspects of online gaming and competition.

Football video game

Collect soccer stars

FC 24 online is very different from the career mode that you might be used to in previous versions of the football simulator.

The concept of online leagues is that you will not have a playing roster comparable to the contracts of your chosen club and all performers will be given out randomly from game packs, or bought in the transfer window from other players, but you need to be prepared to pay a fair price in FC 24 coins for the rarity and value of the required card.

Potentially - you can gather all your favorite performers in your team and constantly work on this task.

To do this, you need a lot of cheap FC 24 coins, which you can earn in league matches and tournaments, as well as by completing tasks that EA Sports sets for you.

All the fun will begin when you come across a system of recruiting and selecting really strong players.

There are many real football stars in FC 24, moreover, there is even a full-fledged women's league, but in order to get really strong players like Messi, Ronaldo, Mbappé, Alex Morgan and other really football stars, you will have to use all your luck and prepare for great efforts in gaming sets.

You will have access to 4 types of sets with players - bronze, silver, gold and special.

All of them cost FC 24 coins and provide you with a random player, where the country, real team and position are determined randomly, after which you are given the final result.

You may get a striker from Argentina, but at the last moment you will get Paulo DiBala, or Gonzalo Higuain, there is also a chance for Messi, but it will be smaller, and you will immediately understand that it is him, from the American team for which the former Barcelona star plays.

Of course, the chances of getting superstars from such sets are not that great, but your success will depend on the large number of attempts - some will be lucky faster, and someone will open a thousand sets until they get their first titled players who can have an incredible impact on the course of the match, as real prototypes and world football stars do.

Father and son play video games

Experience all the football tournaments as a player

In all the latest parts of the football simulator and FC 24 will be no exception, there is not just a career mode, but a professional mode.

You will be able to create a full-fledged football player, choose a role on the football field and the team for which you want to play. It is best to create a new player, and not just choose a ready-made one, because this way you can create a full-fledged copy of yourself and immerse yourself in the world of progress and professional football in the format of how it would look in real life.

You can even set the camera so that it is not in the form of a football broadcast, but from the shoulder of the player himself, which will add complexity, but also realism on the football field during game matches, but this is not a prerequisite, but simply an option that can be activated at your own discretion.

From the first minutes, you will be included in the reserve squad of your team, or youth league, and will begin to play matches in order to make your way to higher statuses and squads.

Each match you will be given tasks from the coaching staff, and you need to fulfill them, or better yet, exceed their expectations for greater progress, or at least complete most of the tasks.

They can be complex, or situational - like scoring 2 goals, or winning by 2 goals.

The overall assessment will be based on the final result and even one goal, then completing the task by half will already provide you with greater confidence from the coaching staff to transfer you to the main team, although not immediately.

When you start playing well, that is, interacting with the team, adapting to the game situation, asking for passes and crosses, then sooner or later the coaching staff will put you in the main team, and gradually you will even get into the national team of your country.

The most important advantage of the pro mode is that you can play and rely mostly on yourself. Yes. Your team will play along with you whenever possible and even give priority when requesting a pass or out, but globally, you will be alone and rely better on yourself, your feints, because if you play a pass with a teammate, then there is always a chance that he will not take it back on you, which can ruin many schemes and ideas on the football field.

At the end of each season, you will receive new offers for a new contract at another club, indicating your position and status.

You can move to a club below the division, but to the position of the main player and captain, or, on the contrary, get to the conditional Real Madrid, but to the secondary team and thereby lower your status again for the sake of a titled club. You can continue to play for your team until you get bored.

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