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Football is one of the most watched sports in the world. The World Cup takes over the entire planet with football mania and even the Euros get worldwide coverage. You could travel to the depths of the rainforest and still find someone who watches football in some form.

Casino gaming is another industry that continues to grow in popularity. Due to the number of games there are on offer, these games appeal to a huge range of people. But is there a link between football and an online casino? And how can football fans get into casino gaming?

That’s what we’re here to find out. We’ll be looking into the links between these two forms of entertainment and how football fans can get involved. You’re going to find out that they’re a lot more similar than you might think. 

Football game from crowd

How football and casino gaming are linked

Sponsors of football teams and leagues

If you’re a regular spectator of football on TV or at the actual games, you might have noticed that a lot of casino gaming websites are sponsors. They either sponsor the stadium, the league or sometimes even the team. 

Sponsors are vital for keeping the game going at the level it needs to be. Everyone needs to be paid - the footballers, managers, staff who work in the stadiums. And that costs a lot of money which is where sponsors come in. 

They pay to have their name on the shirts of the players or on the sides of the stadiums as a form of advertising. Lots of brands compete with each other in order to get these sponsorship deals and at the moment, a lot of online casinos are winning the race. 

That’s why you might know the names of online casinos even if you’ve never visited one. But if you’ve been watching football, you’ll have seen it somewhere on the screen. This is just one way in which casino gaming is linked to football.

Rise in popularity of sports wagers

Sports wagering has always been popular. From placing a wage on boxing matches in the 19th century to modern day horse racing, wagers have always been made on who will win. This is where the link between football and casino gaming starts to make more sense. 

Lots of online casinos will also have a section for placing wagers on sports. This is another reason you’ll see them have sponsorship deals as they’ll want to ensure you’re placing a wages on their site rather than any others. 

Crowd watch football match at Wembley Stadium in London

Why casino gaming might appeal to football fans 

Adrenaline fuelled games

One reason that football fans might get into casino gaming is that they are chasing that adrenaline rush. Even when you’re just a spectator, football is a game that can get the heart racing. You’re bracing yourself for that goal, you’re waiting for the VAR result to come back, it’s all a lot of excitement. 

It’s the same when you’re playing at an online casino. A lot of the games are very fast paced and exciting and can also keep your heart racing. In fact, it could be argued that it’s even more exciting because you’re directly involved.

Everyone feels like they’re fully in the game when they’re watching, but in reality there isn’t any personal involvement. However, when you’re gaming, it’s your money that you’re playing with and your life that will change if you win big. This makes it much more exciting!

Sport related games available 

There are already a lot of popular sport related games out there. FIFA is arguably one of the biggest games in the world, and it’s been going for years without seeing any dip in popularity. There have been so many versions and you can play it on every single gaming console. 

And now there are football themed casino games that are starting to come out as well. This combines the best of both worlds, and is the perfect way to get football fans involved in casino gaming. 

As these start to become more popular, there’s no doubt that even more will be created in the future. 

A great source of competitiveness 

A bit of healthy competition is always a good thing. We obviously get competitive when we’re competing, but we can also get secondary competitiveness when our team is involved. This is what we see all the time with football fans as they fiercely defend their team. 

Casino gaming is equally as competitive - even if you’re just up against fate deciding whether or not you win. This is another reason why football fans would love casino gaming, as it fires up your competitive spirit. 

Both football and casino gaming are great sources of entertainment that just keep on growing. With so many similarities, it’s no surprise that football fans will thoroughly enjoy playing casino games. 

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