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The ability to use both feet in football is a necessity for the modern game, especially when playing at the highest level. Just take a look at any match in the Champions League. Well, very few people are talented enough to be just as good on both feet. However, players can be trained to improve their weakest foot. Ultimately, this is what can transform you into a high- quality player. But how can you strengthen your weak foot's ability? Read on to find out four ways how you can improve it.

footballer using weaker foot

Gym Investment

If your weak foot is tremendously less powerful, stronger, and flexible than your stronger foot, it might be worth investing in gym equipment or getting a gym membership. It’s normal that one has a preferred foot, however, it’s important to develop the weaker one to make it as strong as possible. Gym training is one of the best ways of improving your weaker foots ability. A good gym program will help you improve several physical aspects of your game. It might also be worth talking to a gym instructor that specialises in football players.

Home Practice

No matter how much your flatmates or relatives might hate it, playing around with a ball at home might be the best decision you’ll ever make. If you’re motivated to improve your weaker foot, you’d do just about anything. Some of the world’s very best footballers have mentioned that they used to practice in their own homes before they made it pro. Improving your weaker foot at home is basically going back to square one. There’s no shame in this, as the only way forward. You can do this by doing very basic dribbling drills, passing the ball against a wall, and much more. Start off slowly and get the movements right at first. Later, once you’re comfortable, you can try to increase your speed and the difficulty of the exercise.

Watch and Learn

Watching the best footballers in the world can sometimes be overwhelming because of how simple they make the difficult things look. Breaking down their movement and the way they play in small, simple steps might just be enough to help you learn from them. Just like you’d do with any type of learning, such as learning how to speak a new language, learning how to play online casino uk table games, and more, breaking down the steps and simplifying things can help you along the way.

A weaker foot, definitely, but it will be rare to find high-level footballers that are disastrous with it. Pick a few quality players to watch closely, and observe how they manage to play at such a high intensity with both feet.


Practice makes perfect. Going to training a couple of minutes earlier before each training session to improve your weaker foot might just be the push you need. This obviously requires effort. However, it can become a habit in no time. With time, you’ll notice a significant improvement in your weaker foot, even if you’re specifically training it just a few minutes before each session. Juggling, dribbling, and passing are all things you can do before your team session starts. Check out a few training drill videos on YouTube. There are plenty that can help you plan out your solo session. Little space and equipment are needed for these solo sessions, so no excuses, get training.

Soccer practice with weaker foot

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