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Data has always been of crucial importance in any sport worldwide. With the improvement in technology, it’s just a matter of time before we find data in our daily routine as well. For football players, data has been implemented back in the XX century.

We can literally see the differences in the data coverage throughout the years. When the first TVs that were able to broadcast a live event could only show us just some basic information. Nowadays, their functionalities are limitless as there are even telecommunication tools that create holograms and provide a 9D picture-perfect experience.

Oracle Corporation –Data from a New Generation

Founded in 2016, Oracle Cloud is a cloud computing platform that provides servers, networks, storage, and services through a network of data centers. The company managed to place itself on the global market mainly due to its revolutionary use of data.

Even though the corporation has only been on the market for six years, it has already built itself as one of the most credible places for data storage and one of the most reliable sources of information. Since Oracle’s largest customer base is database driven, the company has no other choice, but to work on its weaknesses and strive for perfection.

Combining machine learning with a cloud database provides services that focus on optimization, backup, and self-repairing. Oracle is a corporation that excels in migration and support of a hybrid environment. The users can rely on several features that are suitable for both a better experience and for higher performance in the particular sport.

The cloud computing platform fulfills the market demand for sports analytics. As seen on this site, the volume of betting and the number of players here has only been increasing worldwide, pushing more platforms to adopt live and in-game statistics and provide users with better sports entertainment experience.

Premier League Contract – The New Beginning

The Premier League is considered to be the most competitive league in the world of soccer and as such accurate data is quite important. Throughout the years, the way data has been provided has drastically changed.

At first, the teams have a person who gathers data manually on paper. Later on, they started using computers as they offered a better and larger place for storage. However, with the constant technological improvement worldwide, many companies focused on bringing on the most accurate and detailed data for the Premier League squads.

Oracle Cloud is currently the official cloud provider for the Premier League. As such, they are responsible for delivering up-to-date statistics, real-time tracking data, and facts about every single player on the football pitch in England.

Their partnership with the Premier League is also directed at a better experience for the neutral fan. The platform takes into account real-time data as well as current and previous events in order to predict the outcome of the matches. Their machine-learning processes include more than 30 high-performance algorithms that help the platform build models in order to maintain data synchronization and stability.

Formula 1 – A Crucial Step for Perfection

Data is crucial for the development of Formula 1. Everything the engineers do is driven by the data that the cars generate. The modern F1 cars are full of censors that create tons of data throughout every single lap of the race. Data analytics has certainly revolutionized the sport as both the engineers and the analysts are able to find the right way to configure the car.

On top of that, the sensors on the integral components of the car allow for a better read of a particular ongoing issue at any point on the track. Oracle cloud turns data into high-speed decisions as the driver is quite dependent on his engineers who typically give him the latest information about the race.

Moreover, Formula 1 slowly became a team sport where engineers, analysts, mechanics, and drivers tend to work together to defeat the competition. As such, it requires lots of data and it seems that Oracle is a preferable option for Red Bull Racing.

2022 was undoubtedly one of the most one-sided seasons in F1 history. Despite the battle between Ferrari and Red Bull, the latter prevailed in the second part of the campaign as Max Verstappen set a new record with 15 wins for the year. Even though he might be the best driver on the circuit, the way the team generated and read the data throughout the season has also played a significant role in the development of the car.

Oracle Cloud – The Future of Data Management

Since mankind relies more and more on data, Oracle enables us with the necessary equipment for a better future in that aspect. Moreover, the company makes its first steps in professional sports and it’s just a matter of time before it becomes recognizable on the world stage.

Premier League and Formula 1 might just be the beginning of an entirely revolutionized way the users and athletes perceive sports. As a whole, Oracle Cloud is certainly spending millions on research and development which will eventually pay off in the end, making them the most reliable source of any information on the planet.

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