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Football has already become more than just a sport. This is a massive network comprised of dozens of people and structures. A football agent is a professional who assists players in building their careers, handles financial matters, and builds relationships with club management.

Where do agents come from?

There is simply no concept of "learning to be an agent". There is a set of qualities with which you can work in this field. The main thing is desire. The process is not easy, but interesting. Now many people are trying to do this, come to change the world, or carry out a revolution. But, as a rule, after some time they tie or fall off. They do not quite understand what it is. They think it is easy, and the money will come like a river. In fact − not really.

Let's look at the main aspects of how to start a career, and what qualities and background are necessary to succeed.

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Main qualities a football agent should possess

Communication skills. This is the most essential quality of this craft. After all, who needs a representative who can not land a good agreement? On the football pitch, you need to have useful contacts and connections. Finding a club for your ward is much simpler if you know where to look.

Mastering the game of football. Understanding what you are doing is essential for competent bargaining. To properly "connect" your clients, you must first grasp their strengths and limitations.

Personal characteristics. More is needed to be able to bargain to achieve success. Everything is crucial in negotiations. The agent must have honesty, decency, and sociability.

How to start your career as a football agent?

According to the crucial qualities in this challenging topic, people with an athletic background have a better chance to start career of football agents. This requirement, however, is not obligatory. The main goal is to pass the exam.

FIFA rules have approved the mechanism for its delivery. The test date is scheduled for a specific day worldwide, in March and September. The exam involves 20 test questions, which are partly created by FIFA and the remaining by the national football federation. Of course, you can practice without a license, but your likelihood of success will be significantly reduced.

However, the license does not imply employment. So, where to begin? There are two major paths to take:

  1. Obtain a position at a club

The top league club is unlikely to hire a novice for such a position. You can start by working as a marketing specialist, or manager. These positions will provide you with essential knowledge and connections.

After gaining experience in one of the lower-level professions, you will be allowed to work as a breeder, scout, and, lastly, an agent.

  1. Discover the player on your own

At first look, this strategy appears to be the easiest. For becoming an agent of a famous football player, you must first become an agent of a young prospect who will grow into a star with your assistance. This procedure will take substantial time and effort. To find a diamond, it is required to attend district tournaments, youth schools, and sections.

You must not only be knowledgeable about football, but also have a significant amount of luck, since a young talent can get sick with “star disease”, get wounded, or experience the hardships of growing up – any mistake will cost you time and money.

How do agents look for players?

Agents are looking through and monitoring a very large amount of information. And based on this, they track down players who, in their opinion, have exciting qualities. Then they offer cooperation. And so step by step. They are trying to raise this or that player higher and higher. A football player becomes a friend, perhaps even a family member. There is nowhere without building relationships in football. Both with players, clubs, coaches, and people related to football.

What are the risks in the profession?

First of all − nerves. The agent's job is to work 24/7. If you do not, then you will not reach a certain level. You need to be a maximalist and always want more. And if that is the case, then you put your heart into it. Naturally, when there are some terrible moments, then you get frustrated. But there is nowhere without it, it tempers and makes you stronger.

And as for the risks, when coming into agency activity, everyone should understand: the fate of the players and their path depend on you.

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