Home league match played on 22 September 2012.
Kicked off at 2:00 PM

vs Clapham FC



Barnet Deaf Football Club start their season on our home pitch at Montrose Playing Fields and our oppoent today is 'Clapham FC'. 

There been some few changes from our first match with our manager decise to change 4 players from our previous match. The formation stayed the same as usual 4-4-2 with some dangerous link from the midfielder and our forwards. It's a big test for them to link up to produce some sexy brazilian football. 

First Half

Everyone in the starting XI for BDFC were looking positive, the back four (Valijee, Harewood, Ayub, Iron) seems to be more authrised in our backwall defence, passing some lovely ball through to our wingers. The midfielder between Powe, Cunliffe, PJ, Allison were pouring some decent magic potents on the ball to create space for our two strikers Brinho and McLean. Everyone was looking confident on the ball and off the ball, regrouping our shape, communicating well, all was looking good.

Ball out for thrown in. Powe stepped up to take the throw-in, he re-position BDFC in the penalty box, then he let out a throw towards the far post and amazingly, noone was there to tap it in. This was our first threaten after the opponent threated us with some shot but thankfully to our young keeper Shark who showed he is the King in his box, and well deserved, as he saved a stringful of saves, close range shots style.

BDFC start to feel the tempo and letting it out with some lovely combination around the park where Cunliffe decided it's was his time to shrine on the pitch and he began to dribble pass two players before letting it off for Brinho to shoot it straight at the keeper. Another chance gone begging. PJ also wanted a part of the limelight as he stole the ball from the opposite player and played it throughball to Powe who he saw him running and Powe curled the ball into danger area and McLean couldn't see what was coming, the keeper easily helped himself to the ball. Cunliffe also added some magic into his play by trying to bicycle kick and it just went wide across the post.

Both teams were battling and played very fair, the referee looked to be enjoying himself and when knowing half time was soon homebound. All of a sudden the opposite had a thrown-in and they played it long into the box and to their advantage a tall 6ft5 man helped himself knocking the ball into our goalmouth. 0-1 Positive thinking, we are playing so well and we can fightback, one mistake lost concentration simply let them take advatange of the ball and helped themself to score their second goal within the next 3 minutes and 1 yard away from the goalline. Arrrggh, guess you could say that was a goalmouth scramble goal!

Half Time 0-2

Second half was looking much better than the first half, we almost cruise our way around the park as if we were staking on a ice-rink. Continually linking up play with our defence/midfield/forward, things were patching up nicely as we were starting to dominate their midfielder and defender and creating space for us to allow our left and right back to be brought into our attacking play, and works it did! Umesh held the ball on right side and passes it to Powe and he turn for space and sae brinho available and play it to him, but his quick thinking made him leave the ball roll through his legs to let PJ recieve it and slot it home just outside the box. 1-2 We were still in the game. Everyone congratulate the goalscorer and the assists. What made him suddenly thinkfast style to create a simple good looking assist to let PJ score his first goal of the season. BDFC lucky to have a player who can create beautifully football. 

Our keeper Shark was our shining knight in armour at the back as he made some fantastic saves close ranges again literally 1/2 meters away, he produced a double save to and he save our asses most of the game. 

Still urging to get players forward and attack their half to ensure our midfielder to swarm around their defence to help our forward to ease themself, but a mistake occured as we lost the ball far too easy and their forward grabbed it, played it and then simply places it to the bottom corner. 1-3 

Still going, roaming with the ball, the opposite did a few times attack our half but we easily swept their rubbish. Superb footballing around the park and PJ looped the ball to Ulahh and he controlled it well and attacked the ball but was heartily fouled inside the box, referee pointed to the spot. Powe was the man to take the responsibilities and he 'smith & wesson' as it screamed to the back of the net. 2-3

15 minutes of play was left to play and BDFC started to beautifully 3-D football to attack and we did come almost to score another goal when Cunliffe played 1-2-1 with Umesh on the left side and crossed it over but it went too deep. We kept pressuring the other team, showing we were hungry to win the game and that made all BDFC players start to play some nice and simple football just outside the box and Powe stepped up and tried to curled it to the top corner but their keeper had his hands on it. Continually playing breathtaking football, but we all just couldn't be able to find our scorer boots enough to win the game. 

Fair play to Clapham FC, we did fought them well, all is not lost. Another new chapter begins next matchday. 

Full Time 

Barnet Deaf FC  2     Clapham FC  3

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