Home other match played on 16 March 2021.
Kicked off at 6:15 PM

The seven match for this season start with cloudy and windy condition with light rain but the rain then fade off and match be played with bright weather.

Alpha take the first kick off and hold the game tightly against Omega for the first few minutes. However, Alpha be stunned by sudden attack by Omega via their young striker, Ariff with the mistakes from Alpha defenders allow Ariff to hold the ball and beat Alpha goalkeeper, Hazwan for their to take the lead.

Alpha take the charge again to arrange their attacks via their strikers Renu and Allix and get some help from their winger, Fahmi. Omega also hold brilliantly their advantage with the series of defending move lead by their left back, Nuri. However, Alpha attacks in gave them something to be joy. Due to the hand ball by Omega defender gave Alpha the penalty kick for second consecutive week. Without hesitation, Allix take the penalty to beat Zul and equal the current scoreline.

Both side keep attack for each other and with Omega right wingman, Sam fought tirelessly with the Alpha young left back, Boy to launch an attack. When the ball swings back to Alpha side, Allix through the ball to the another Alpha striker, Renu to gave them second goal for Alpha. Omega have another golden opportunity to level back the game when Sam be tackled by Iman in the Alpha goal area and gave them the penalty. The kick is be taken by their midfielder, Afif however is the ball is hit the post bar delayed them to equalized the game.

The first half end with Alpha lead 2-1 to Omega side. Alpha make one substitution by bringing in their defender, Peijal subs with Fahmi. A huge tactical change be made when Peijal take over as centre back join forces with Zulot and Shukri swap position with Iman. Boy be placed as the midfield player this time to strengthen the midfield side. Omega stay with their first half line up.

Alpha still eager to hold their advantage when they launch a several attack with the right and left hand side. They effort is produced a goal when a cross from right side to Allix who waiting on the other side and score his second goal of the game. Omega who still dont give just yet attack the Alpha side with their strikers, Sam, Ariff and Zam but keep be blocked by the calm defender Zulot and their commander, Peijal. Alpha`s midfield combination Afy and Moss also send some challenge to the Omega goal post and one of Afy`s try almost hit the net one time. Moss also use his physical advantage to send the ball as well.

After one attack from Omega didnt find the net, a sudden attack by Alpha cause by long range pass from Peijal directly received by Allix who waiting on the upper side gave him the hatrick for the game as he nets another goal for Alpha. Omega make their one and only subs when they brought in Leman to replace with Afif to strengthen their defensive line. At this moment, Omega already arrange numerous attacks as Alpha defender slowly fade off due to tiredness.

However, Omega`s defensive carelessness again punished them when another cross by Renu again find Allix and Allix score his fourth goal for the game and gave Alpha maximum advantage against Omega with four goals ahead. Again, due to Alpha`s defender already worn out Omega sniffs some chance to get some goals with the attack lead by their creative midfield player send some serious attacks to Alpha goal. A few memorable chances which ready produce a goal by Mujib who already dribble inside the box but finally intercept by Iman and a fast but high shot by Zam failed to hit the net. Their last effort finally produce a goal when Sam send a short pass to Ti already wait at the middle of the box and calmly shoot the goal to beat Hazwan to gave them second goal.

However, that is the last movement by players and game end with Alpha win big with 5 against 2 for Omega. This is one of the highest goal by team and it shows some creativity and overall player already keep tight and understand each other roles for the game. As this is the last game before team will against Gasmen FC for this Thursday this could be a good training to challenge Gasmen FC later that week.

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