Away league match played on 14 November 2010.
Kicked off at 10:30 AM

A very disappointing game letting in 5 first half goals was very poor i'm not very sure the effort was there. Braiden was replaced after 10 mins due to a knock on the head. I think our players thought they were going to win the game and became very casual and decided to play as they wanted and that they didn't have to chase the ball somebody else could do it.... Second half was a slight improvement after swapping a few players about, but really boys i shouldn't really have to be swapping you about to get the desired effect if you want to play and keep your current position in the team you will have to earn it. Special mention to Alex who did show passion showed some good heading, also Jacob who came on and as always gave his all.

Managers Man of the match Alex Blinston

Gary Taylor weekly M.O.M award awarded by Gary Taylor was Alex Blinston

This weeks match report is by Jacob Pank








Oh what a nightmare and if only we hadn’t started 5 minutes early we might have woken up quicker – a game of four quarters. Little Paxtons number 16 put 3 goals away in the first 20 minutes. Then we lost Braiden after he received a boot in the head – Owen did a great job in goal though when he came on.


The first half of the first half was a mess and perhaps a little bit painful for the spectators – we were asleep and we could say that we had expected to win this game.


Steve Ryan shouted that we were ‘walking around’ and he seemed to say this more than once and more than twice.


The Little Paxton ‘Frank Butcher’ Manager was continuously shouting (loudly) and seemed to want to be the Linesman as well as manage his team – however when the ball went out he only seemed to point one way.


We went 3-0 down in the first 20 minutes – Little Paxton just kept scoring every 5 minutes after that. 5-0 down at half time left a mountain to climb.


There were mistakes all round, however Alex played his heart and soul out throughout the game and was the well deserved man of the match. Special mention to Chris who was the most consistent in his performance throughout the four quarters.


The highlight of the second quarter was Simon running from the half way line down the left wing as if his behind was on fire being chased by 4 opposing players – he still managed to get a cross in to Danny which unluckily hit the post.


One minute silence at 11.00am– Steve Ryan not a happy bunny. So Steve decided nothing else to do but to try the old swapper-rooney trick. Danny Ryan went up front and Danny Fatibene went back into defence. This was 100% the right decision as ‘Fletcho’ the number 16 striker up front could not make his runs onto the ball anymore. I think Little Paxton has an Italian theme as most of the players seemed to have an ‘o’ at the end of their name.


Second half what a reversal – Danny Ryan scored with a beautiful side kick into the goal after his Dad shouted give it a ‘bit of passion’.


Then the second goal came from Simon which was well deserved after all the battling in the first half.


To sum the game up I will quote Steve Ryan again – ‘If we walking we aint doing nothing’ – but in consolation in my mind we won the two second quarters easily and yes I did my bit.


Jacob Pank


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