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Most casino enthusiasts often think that the igaming industry is all about wagering with their devices or in land-based casinos. However, the industry is much bigger than game thrills and fun. There are a series of events that are often held by the industry. These events are targeted at casino enthusiasts, professional operators of online casinos UK no deposit bonus, owners, managers, casino affiliate marketers and anyone who loves to connect with igaming like-minds.

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Casino events are often held annually, with each event organising platform having its respective schedules and mode of operation. Some events may last through a series of days, with different educational programs, while others could last just two days. The events aim to educate casino lovers and owners on how to advertise their brands to attract players. Professionals often attend the shows to build connections and learn strategies to build their businesses.

The bottom line of iGaming events is that they are business-related severe shows targeted at professionals that want to succeed in the industry. This piece will consider the five most significant events important to brand growth.

The iGB Live

The iGB Live event remains one of the biggest in the real money casino industry. This event is tailored for the leading operators and managers of clubs. GB stands for iGaming Business, a platform that organises one of the most significant events that bring iGaming business owners, operators, managers and affiliates together with the main aim of creating much-needed connections to help their business stay afloat.

The event is held annually and sees the most prominent operators of some of the best online casino platforms take the stage and explain precisely how the industry works. It is not just about leaders sharing their plans for a lasting industry. Even the biggest affiliate machinery is available to reach out to owners and strike a deal. Operators who want to understand more about affiliates and have them promote their brand will finally hear the affiliates speak and know what they need for a successful partnership.

Connect with over 5000 iGaming pioneers and affiliate machinery that have established dominance in the industry. Here are some benefits of attending the iGB live show:

  • Learning how to get leads for online and offline clubs.

  • Knowing how to design casino bonus offers that draw attention.

  • Creating a successful platform with efficient ad spending.

The last event was held in July 2022, while the one for next year has already been scheduled. It will be held from the 11th to the 14th in Amsterdam.

Global Gaming Expo: G2E Las Vegas

The Global Gaming Expo is another organisation targeted at every gambling lover, with special attention on those in the professional lane. The platform organises its events annually and attracts the biggest names in the industry to connect and build a trust-based relationship on how to best pilot their respective iGaming business to greater heights.

The event is historically held in Nevada, America and has helped new iGaming business owners and even top veterans build their brands. The standout feature of the G2E annual events is the new information shared to help business owners maximise their business potential and generate revenues according to the confines of nations' gambling laws.

Another important feature of the annual Global Gaming Expo is its continuous rise in popularity over the years. The annual events held in different strategic cities have continued to grow in numbers. Some of the main features of the event based on historical facts are:

  • 1800+ attendees, with the majority being industry professionals.

  • Over 250 exhibitors.

  • More than 70 education sessions.

  • Over 105 countries were represented.

Operators, managers or casino enthusiasts seeking to build their brand can trust the G2E annual event.

ICE Africa

ICE Africa is an event targeted at African iGaming Business professionals to come together, connect and contribute suggestions on brand building in the short and long term. ICE Africa is the only Business iGaming event held on the continent. So it is basically the only black-led game event with almost the same structure as the iGB Live events.

The good thing about ICE Africa is that it gives African operators, owners, affiliate machinery and even managers a sense of belonging. The events held by the organisation have proven to be a much-needed morale booster in a continent where gambling is not a very open discussed topic.

ICE sees more than 3000 professionals annually and has continued to grow its numbers with each passing year. New information is communicated throughout the event, while personal connections are made for business growth. ICE Africa is held in Johannesburg and attracts casino enthusiasts from neighbouring countries to participate and learn new things.

G2E Asia

This is another event targeted at the Asian populace. It is one of the biggest gaming events in the continent and attracts many professionals from India, Cambodia, Iraq, Japan, Israel and other countries. The event is held in Singapore and is still relevant to date. Like other events highlighted, G2E Asia brings casino operators and owners from all walks of life, especially in Asia, to discuss proactive plans to grow their brands in their respective countries.

With most countries in the continent upholding conservative beliefs, the annual meeting has become significant as the most intelligent professionals join hands together to create plans to help them penetrate the industry.

Ukraine Game Week

Ukraine game week is one of the most innovative events targeted at players and professionals and is not just based on business lectures. It is sometimes co-hosted with online casinos or game providers, and games are sometimes promoted in the event. This show focuses on explaining new legislation about gambling as it concerns Ukraine and Europe and other important innovations that can help professionals build their brands.

Like the Ukrainian Game Week, other player-focused events include:

  • Hippodrome Casino Magic Mike Live

  • Sporting Fan Zones

  • Genting Casino Westcliff Magician and Orchestra Night

What Is the Future of Casino Gambling?

The reason for all the events hosted annually is to expand the online casino industry and make it more attractive to new customers. Stats have shown that gambling has changed in a lot of ways.

While land-based online slots and poker platforms were the real deal, the unprecedented access to the internet has made digital platforms the new face of the industry. Events held around the world aim to prepare professionals on how to be attractive with this continuing evolution in an industry that is both catchy and fast-moving.

The good thing about these events is that they address very serious issues in the industry, which is a good thing, as that means the future is relatively secured with casino patronage going higher.


This article has considered all that players, operators and owners need to know about iGaming events. The top events in the world were considered, and their benefits were highlighted to help readers choose the one they want that best serves their interests.

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