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Football is the most popular sport in the world. Here we will talk about international football competitions and why it's important to the viewers or fans, and businesses.   

As the most popular sport on the planet, football is important not just to the viewers, but to the players, team management, and businesses all over the world. It’s difficult to measure the impact it has on societies across the globe, however, one thing is certain. If for some reason football was to be banned the economic consequences would be huger.  

This sport has indirectly made a massive impact on all sorts of industries. The gaming industry is now a giant in the entertainment sector, and its success is also affected by football. Many people who are gambling online are football fans and businesses know this very well. The best casinos in the Netherlands that you can find here use promos, payment methods and other features to make their sites more appealing. They also use football-themed slots and other casino games just to cater to the fans of this sport. Here we will try to measure the impact of international football tournaments and determine their impact. 

Football match in stadium with fans

Gambling Businesses 

Sportsbooks and casinos around the world always have special promotions during big tournaments. The majority of football fans are men in their 30s, 40s, and 50s, and these groups are the core audiences for online gambling. Nowadays, online casinos are trying to attract players from different parts of the world. The sites on this list  even allow users to make payments via Bitcoin. So, even if you play on a foreign site the transfer fees are minimal. Therefore, having big promotions during tournaments just makes sense. 

The world cup is probably the busiest time for gambling businesses and the number of people that actively gambles skyrockets. This is also an opportunity for gambling businesses to get some brand exposure. Many casinos and sportsbooks actually sponsor and support these tournaments because the viewers love to bet. An online casino might give out rewards or a no deposit bonus during the tournaments just to get potential new users excited. Today it’s really possible to gamble without making a deposit. Just pick a site that has a no deposit bonus like the ones here and make an account. Many first-timers actually end up winning with this promo. 


There is a reason why countries are picked at random, for hosting international tournaments. These are huge events that draw people from all over the world. In other words, the economic benefits of hosting the tournament are massive, and it wouldn’t be fair if the competitions were held in the same place frequently. The sudden influx of guests is great for hotels, Airbnb or bookings members, restaurants, and many other businesses and retailers.   

Important Opportunity for the Players

Participating and achieving great results during international football games really brings the national team together. In fact, the event reignites the national spirit in all countries that participate. It’s a unique occasion that brings people together and makes them put their differences aside. 

Apart from that it’s an opportunity for players to shine and excel in their careers. They want to be the best versions of themselves because the whole world is watching, especially club managers and recruiters. International tournaments, don’t happen every year, so they want to get a contract to play in different leagues as well.

  • Premier League

  • La Liga

  • Ligue 1

  • Serie A

  • Liga Apertura

These are all big opportunities and fans closely follow news of player transfers. When there are no big games people even bet on these transfers.  


Football can inspire many people. Documentaries about athletes, best-selling video games, and top-quality sports equipment all revolve around football. International competitions are so big that it feels as if the whole world has stopped just to spectate the event. Businesses really want to support teams and organizers just to get positive brand associations, and players do their best to get noticed as well. Even in countries where football isn’t the most popular sport tune in to watch. No other sport has the same impact on the world.   


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