Away league match played on 18 October 2015.
Kicked off at 10:00 AM

Parklife at Meole School. As the Colts arrived they were confronted with 2 games already in progress and 2 games to follow. This is what Kids football is all about. Lots of kids, lots of supporters, lots of football.

The Coaches were able to grab some space for a warm up.

Fresh from a very strong training sessions the lads knew the task ahead.

Illness however, had struck. Ryan was unable to play and Matthew and Matty were not 100%. Will was away at Harry Potter so the team sheet had been torn up more than once in the build up.

The Coaches reminded the lads on what we had been working on over the last few weeks.

Pressing the ball, moving it quickly and keeping position. By the end of the game, the coaches were smiling from ear to ear. Instructions been followed to the letter.

The game kicked off late and the first quarter was a cagey affair. Two things became clear early on. One, the lads were doing everything that was asked of them. Two, Coach Kev was asking a lot. Coach Kev found his voice this week and to put it blunty, did’nt shut up!!

With the usual calm instruction and encouragement from Coaches Mark and Ian, the lads set out their business. They didn’t put a foot wrong.

They defended from the front, pressing the kick off and goal kicks. They hunted in packs and moved forward with pace. Finn and James taking some early shots. Had they gone in this game could have ended very different.

Matthew started in goal and as ever bravely threw himself at the ball making one save right on the line. Another shot came his way. Wallop, straight in the stomach. Brave as ever he just smiled it off and raised his thumb, “I’m OK coach”

Nil nil after 10 minutes. This was a different SAHA side. Strong in the tackle and pressing. The lads came off out of breath. Brilliant was echoed throughout the break.

Finn was now in goal and Matthew had taken his place in defence, the last line as ever standing strong.

Finn was in bravely and off his line with speed. Following Mathews lead from the first session, Finn dove at the feet of the oncoming player who tripped as he ran forward. A short stoppage perhaps did not do justice to the injury. We learnt later he had broken his colar bone. Best wishes player from all the Colts.

George and James took some shots at the Meole Goal and Jack was unlucky not to have made better contact as he shot from distance.

It wasn’t just going forward that was impressive this week. Jack smashed into the tackle with their biggest player and came away with the ball. Matthew picking up the last tackles at the back. Stop they had been instructed and Stopping they did.

On the line, Coach Kev continued to provide instructions!!! Noting in his note book HARD WORK. The Colts were on Fire. This was a TEAM.

Nil Nil after 20 minutes

Matty now took his turn in goal. Finn sweeping up in defence, following the example set by Matthew and Cole before him. Matty made some important saves and Matthew battled on but was taken off as his illnes caught up with him. He had played with the heart of a Lion. The colts expected nothing less, he had 7 other Lions around him.

A Meole throw in near the edge of the box was taken quikly. Too quikly for the Colts who had switched off for a second. It let them in 2 onto 1 and Meole Scored. The Colts did not deserve this. The first goal was going to be crucial and they were unlucky to be on the receiving end of it. 0-1

Matty knew he had to be braze like those before him in goal and took a wack on the knee. A quick rub down and he was back on his feet, ready to save the next shot.

The Colts kept advancing forward and a throw in led to James volleying just over. Football can turn on moments like that. Had that gone in, the Colts could have won this match.

The Colts pressed for an equalizer, George stole the ball from the defender with another strong challenge but his shot was just wide.

Finn back in goal made a great save when 1 on 1. The Colts were keeping their shape brilliantly.

Luck plays a big part and with it on their side, Meole got a break of the ball and were in and made it 0-2. Not fair was the thought on the line.

Cole made a brilliant last ditch tackle to prevent a quick third goal. The colts kept going forward and were disappointed not to have scored from a passage of play that saw 2 consecutive corners.

Finn was clattered as he tried to kick it out of his hands. The 3rd foul on the keepers. His free kick did not go wide enough and it let in Ethan Savage to score 0-3.

The Colts had been unlucky today.

A great performance.

The Score did not matter. Their effort, teamwork and play deserved more from this game.

Everyone involved could leave the filed happy. They had all done their bit. The Colts are rising..........

Match Highlights

1.Finn advancing off his line and saving several one on ones

2.Freddie making some important tackles in midfield

3.Matthew playing when not 100%

4.Coles sweeping up

5.Jack smashing the biggest player

6.Matty taking his turn in goal

7.George defending from the front

8.James volley just going over.

Things to work on for next week

Nothing. The lads had it all this week.


Another strong game in goal

Managed to play the who game

2 good session’s outfield.

Taking up great positions in defence and reading the game.

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