Away league match played on 28 January 2023.
Kicked off at 10:30 AM

An interesting time locating the pitch for some, meant a little bit of a shaky start for the side. Most of the boys seemed up for the game, yet this was quickly squashed by a team of Tigers, which felt with the ref on the pitch, they not only had a 12th man but 13th too!

Despite all of the incorrect decisions, and a ref who’s power had gone to his head, there was some fundamental mistakes which we were punished for. Our football felt a little one dimensional at times, with what felt like 80% of the balls being played directly forwards, as opposed to simple passes to move the ball forward, using triangles as our base. Having said that, the boys played and played and played right up until the final attempt of a whistle - and for that they should be very proud!

Matthew scooped all 3 awards, although the ref definitely had a shout for 2 of them! His defensive work partnering with 2 different people was unwavering, timing his tackles again and again and again to perfection, only conceding one free kick in a dangerous position, which was more of a professional foul and needed to help us regroup!

Archie - another solid game at right back and at centre back too, always looking to play the ball forwards positively, and a voice on the pitch that can be heard everywhere! A good effort with the one free kick we had a chance with, working their keeper down low!

Cristiano - a difficult and torrid first half, getting turned and pushed around you didn’t let that stop you, tracking them back, trying to push them wide and apply pressure time and time again to force them to shoot or make a mistake.

Harrison - a very solid left back performance. Becoming a real force as a full back, with your fitness shining through as always! Trying to get tithe team moving for options from throws, you never gave up despite the pushing and shoving you received. Constantly a threat and able to take players on successfully, let’s work on those left sided partnerships further!

George - a very good half of football playing as a right sided full back. Be careful about getting caught going forward, the tracking back is one of the biggest parts for the full back role, we were so strong going forwards, but when they stole that ball back we were often outnumbered at the back. You need to make sure your right sided midfield player is there to cover you when you push forward!

Phoenix - a solid left wing half and a little on the right at the end of the first half. Constantly able to create space to get your pass away, showing what great footwork can do - working well with Harrison, we need to pull Harry/chase into that partnership to create a strong triangle with our passing going forward.

Ollie H - not your best day at the office. I think I made a mistake starting you, when you were due to turn up a little late - we didn’t get to warm you up as well as we would like, and it showed on the pitch. You grew into the half and just as you were finding your stride were upended hurting your foot and hip!

Ollie C - getting grabbed and pushed around, we still saw some of the Ollie Flare with the runs and crosses you were putting into the box. Finding ways to link the defense to the front boys, and giving it your all!

Leo - much more involved today in making tackles and more confidence finally showing through too! You need to believe in yourself and think a little less sometimes! You are a better natural football player than you realise!

Harry - a horrible tackle for which you stayed down for quite a time. Bravely playing on also, a couple of great runs forward and chances falling at your feet, you were always anticipating the ball and working to help get it back. Don’t be shy to communicate with who is behind you, tell them where you need them, where they can help you etc. Whether it is your brother, or not ;) !

Raith - a tough day at the office, and a few shouts I heard from you calling for the ball. When asked to track back you did so, let’s work on automatically tracking back, so we help the whole team going forwards and backwards.

Fin - a quiet day up front, we need you to be coming to help the team by meeting that ball and holding it up effectively. When you did, your turns were smart and your passes were good. Believe in yourself and use your strength and your body to your advantage!!

Tom - I found you dropped more into midfield to help out and win the ball. Be mindful when you do that. We don’t have an outlet when you do win it. Be confident to take players on and create time and space to make your passes count! A couple of excellent shots and runs, I just want to see more of those!

Chayley - positioning is key for a keeper and a hard lesson to learn following their first goal. However testament to your strength and ability, you shook this off and made some fantastic one on one big saves! Doing enough to put them off and keeping that ball out of the net!

Caiden - a little quiet on the right wing, and sometimes waiting for that ball to reach your feet, making it easy for them to defend against you. A bit of a lack of tracking back at times also, so just something to bear in mind. However, When you did get to the ball, you showed them what you can do with your feet, creating a couple of great attacks from those positions. Remember your impact comes from not running full pelt at them constantly, but knowing when to inject that turn or pace you have!

Chase - excellent cheerleading in the first half, and on the pitch you showed a great touch and partnership with Tom. We now need to work on you staying out a little wider as you drifted quickly into the middle of the pitch each time, leaving a lot of running room on the right!

My apologies this report took so long. I had to reach out to our club chairman following the multitude of issues that we faced on Saturday, to make sure I handled it correctly when I submitted my match report to the league.

I’d like to thank you all for the support you showed the team, Neil for running the line superbly, Terry for the biscuits and you all for bringing the boys out to play the game they love!!

We go again Saturday!

Let’s go Bees!!!

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