Home friendly match played on 29 January 2022.
Kicked off at 2:30 PM

With the youngsters having served the appetizer (albeit some were just young at heart) the seniors were tasked to put their experience into use. A strong experienced lineup with Buffon retained in goal, Kenyan premier league legends Conte and Tomma providing the rock pairing central defense. Gitau recalled again into the team a sign of how valuable he is to the coaches and no surprise to the man with a winning mentality Droopy who slotted seamlessly into the back four. Impenetrable is the word to define the defensive setup. Energetic Bassanga started ahead of the midfield to provide energy and protect his defense, he was partnered with Mutua who had already tasted the first game and was rearing to go. Johanna Mtembezi served as the lynchpin to the striker having already recorded a goal in the previous match. One the wings, the coach again went for experience with two touch Cooks and Parklands sprint speed master Lamkaddy. The first match for Lamkaddy in a long time everyone was eager to see what he brings to the table with so many pretenders to the throne having failed to put a mark on the wing. Lamkaddy, once a threat down the wing with his pace, and dangerous crosses were definitely expected to deliver where previous wingers have struggled. Doobiz got the node ahead of Sisco to start the match as coach Waire looked to win the second game of the day. The win was written in the stars as within ten minutes, Johanna Mtembezi won the ball in the middle of the pack feigned to the right, and as the defense waited for him to shoot played the slickest of Dennis Bergkamp’s passes between the defenses on to an onside Doobiz. It was a good day indeed as Doobiz did not need three chances, or two, he needed just that one to slot it past the onrushing goalkeeper. 1-0 to PSC. With a goal down, Tasia began to chase the game as they increased the game's tempo. In a game where both teams knew how to play, the ball did the talking, however, it was PSC OOT defense that was standing strong against all odds Tomma and Conte showing their experience. (hii ball kuna watu walizaliwa nayo kwa mguu, na wengine ni vile hawawezi cheza kati baaday ya class 8) Buffon was back to his best as he looked unbeatable in the goal. He was redefining the term “monkey business in the goalpost” as his gloves caught every ball that came towards. He must have been a superhero because he was saving everything. And even when he missed and allowed a Tasia Striker to remain with the goal gaping, the striker shot wide. Some may call it luck others “dumba” but there was no passing this guy. Upfront Mosalah Cooks was having a fine game as his passes cut the defense like a hot knife to butter. Set up with only the goalkeeper to beat his choice for a cross instead of a pass proved poor as he almost added a second to the goal. However, when the second chance came begging from a rebound he made no mistake stinging the goalkeeper with a shot that was goal bound. The experience was definitely on display in this game. Those who talk about fast players have never heard of Kisii night runners. Probably the reason Usain Bolt’s 100 meters record is still in place is that the Olympics are not held at night. However, our very own Lamkaddy was putting myth into legend as he seems to sprint even faster down the wing. The multitalented entrepreneur, basketball was proving to not only be a fast winger but also a fast player who can run with the ball. There are two kinds of players those who can dribble and those who can run with the ball, among those who can run with the ball there are two kinds of players; those who can run and think and those who cannot run and think (Akili na miguu haiwezi fanya kazi pamoja) – for this ones when they start running their brain stops and whatever they do next with the ball makes the coach look at the bench for a substitute. Lamkaddy was proving to be the winger who can run and think with the ball as he marauded the wing reminding younger players why he is part of the big five. A hard runner and even hard worker off the ball, Lamkaddy was displaying PSC ethos of fighting for every ball and winning at all cost. When the coach deployed him at left-back, he again excelled showing his versatility, and almost got a goal when he overlapped and forced the goalkeeper to a save. His basketball fitness must have been kicking in as his short burst and intensity remained consistent throughout the game. It mattered less when he stood as a makeshift center back and for whatever questions he was asked he answered comfortably. One of the top performers of the day, the only thing denying him a man of the match award were Sisco's unbelievable performance and the resurrected Buffon over the two matches they played. There is no denying what he brings into the team and we hope that this is just a tidbit of what is to come in the year to come. A tired Doobiz was replaced with Ericko with another veteran Collinso joining in place of Tomma. With Tasia Legends proving wasteful in front of goal, the game went into halftime with PSC OOT leading by a solitary goal. In rang the changes, Zlatan for Bassanga and Chubar for Johnny. With coach Waire looking to secure the win, Georgez and Sisqo were introduced, which proved to be the catalyst of the game. Sisco’s dry spell in front of goal has been the talk of the town for a very long time, however, many forget a time when all his teammates complained of his lack of passing the ball. Having switched to a more hold-up striker with his back to the goal, Sisco has recorded the most chances created in the team. His improved distribution has allowed more goals from midfield with him on the pitch. From the moment he entered the pitch be it self willpower and determination, of the coach not putting him at halftime, or Conte’s spiking the halftime water, Sisco was an absolute beast. Impossible to mark, leaving defenders in their wake, and oooh my what a dummy and backheel to set up Zlatan for the second goal. Receiving a pass from midfield Sisco drove with two defenders feigned a shot to dummy the defenders before back heeling to Zlatan. Three things are certain in life; death, taxes, and Zlatan De Mwai scoring a goal. The PSC OOT top scorer of the season did what strikers find it had to do, score after being provided a beautiful assist. In instances like this, we say that the assist was more beautiful than the goal, but without the goal, we won’t be speaking about how crazy Sisco’s assist was. 2-0 to PSC OOT. If the second goal took the shine off Zlatan, the third goal established him as a top marksman. Georgez drifting in midfield found Zlatan on the edge of the box, with Zlatan requiring only three body moves, a touch with the left to control the pass, lifting the head to see the positioning of the goal, and a shot to the bottom corner. Even the opposing keeper was impressed. 3-0 PSC was riding high. With the result all but confirmed more changes were raked up, Lefty and Koech Yego to strengthen the back, Ogochee, and Solo to provide pace on the wings. The Ogochee Solo combination almost worked immediately with Ogochee’s finely taken shot parried by the keeper with Solo heading it in. However, the referee indicated an offside from Solo. However, Ogochee was proving a nuisance on the wing and after a great run in which he left two defenders licking dust, he was unable to set up Zlatan or score from the shot he took. With Tasia's kicks of a dying horse, they finally penetrated the defense denying Buffon a first clean sheet as he was beaten in the near post for a consolation goal. However, the action was far from over as a drive from Koech Yego forced a handball in the box and Koech stepped up to take the penalty kick. Confident? Yes. Goal? Yes. 4 -1 to PSC OOT. A super Saturday indeed and extraordinary performance from Sisco and Buffon definitely the men of the matches. A sensational performance from Lamkaddy with his never say die attitude proves why he is part of the big five. Chubar and Johnny's masterful performance, the problem with always performing at the highest level is that you are so good it’s only noticed when you put a foot wrong. Unbelievable midfield performance totally dominated both games. Cooks, Conte, and Tomma are always a pleasure to see your skills on display, and solid performance. To more competitive games and higher turnouts.

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