Away friendly match played on 20 August 2022.
Kicked off at 1:30 PM

It was all Mark Ngumo show as Parklands came from behind to win 2-1 against Real Eagles FC. The sun was back and the August heat had no mercy, especially on the 2 pm fixture. Like a punishment for those who were procreating as a result of cold instead of using their time for a worthy cause like visiting children’s homes. Time discipline continued to be a thorn in the team organization with Waire having less than 10 players to choose from at the start of the game. Information reaching the desk is that players fear playing the first half because of the intensity and prefer ago in the second half when the opponents are tired. The poor state of timekeeping was such that Sam the substitute goalkeeper started in the center of the midfield. And for his performance, certain CDMs should be counting themselves that he prefers to play in goal or else they would be facing the bench. The good name of the cartel was again dragged into the mad this time for reasons of water arriving late to the pitch. After being fried in the sun the players came out looking like black soldiers ants there was no halftime water reminding us of the great work that Conte, Mwai, Waire, and the team play in ensuring that we stay hydrated for the game. Apparently, the individual tasked to transport Hydrogen (II) Oxide had experienced an accident by promising to bring two yellow-yellow cuzos to watch him score some goals instead of one. He successfully negotiated a truce with the cuzos, but at the expense of our water. Thankfully, Droopy stepped in with his juicy watermelons, and personally, I had to be stopped from greedily finishing it all. In goal was Babu who did not have much to do in both halves of the pitch as the high intensity of the opponent was curtailed as soon as possible. However, he was always alert, always stepping in to stop attacks and was at hand to leave his goal and twice save one verse one chances. In the second half, he had no work apart from the goal he conceded which can be extended to a lack of quick reaction from the defense as Babu initially saved the ball twice before the striker scored on the third time of asking. The most experienced player on the pitch Mr. IQ started at center back captaining the team, he was partnered with the all rounder Ogochee as they formed the base of the team. The two were effective in starting all plays and hardly placed a foot wrong maintaining an impressive clean sheet against an attacking front that was half their age and twice their speed. The efficiency of the partnership ensured that no calls of “intelligence, awareness” was made as the back four already demonstrated the qualities. Steve would go on to finish the match while Ogochee was substituted at halftime. Droopy started at right back and was as comfortable thwarting all attacks that came from his side. He linked well with Steve and the midfield who opened to receive his passes. He didn’t make a wrong step as he finished his 60 minutes of honest work without incident. Mitch started at left back and struggled to get into the game falling victim to incessant ball miss controls. However, he was at hand to make it up in his defensive duties winning all his one-on-one battles ensuring he was not dribbled past, and finishing his half panting like a dog on heat. Sam the substitute goalkeeper got a chance to start in CDM and he did not disappoint showcasing that his skills are not limited to the post. Proving that he is the CDM Manchester should be signing instead of 80-year-old Casemiro. Chubar had a quiet fast half struggling to stamp authority in the game in the fast half. His trial to connect with the attacks was not as fluid as expected but this changed in the second half with a much hungrier attacking front to feed the ball. Engineering the comeback he was at the thick of things in midfield as spread the ball to the wings to try create something. Yohanna Mtembezi partnered Chubar in midfield and despite having an impressive game the final killer instint was lacking. Having injured his foot while taking a practice freekick before the matching, his shooting abilities had been curtailed ensuring that he relied on Doobiz to do the finishing for him. The starting attack consisted of Tony Tiger, Jonathan, and Doobiz. Opportunities were had to come by especially for Jonathan and Tiger on the wings with each having only one clear-cut chance on goal. Jonathan let fly from far almost catching the goalkeeper off-guard as his shot skied towards KCA University. Tiger also took time from holding his waist to connect with an in-swinger from Jonathan making the keeper earn his stripes. Doobiz had the never say die, fighting for every ball up front and creating great opportunities for himself to score however when it mattered the most, his feet failed him. Three one vs one and a tap-in with only the goal net to beat continued to raise the question of the opaqueness of Doobiz as a footballer or as a social experiment sent to test the blood pressure and tolerance of soccer players. Quick half-time substitutes after a watermelon break with Lamkaddy replacing Ogochee. Whereas change is inevitable, some things never change like Lamkaddy’s ability to kick ndole from one wing to another as he continuously switched the ball to Trevor engineering the attacks. Lameck a more adventurous defender, used his ability to either drive the ball into the midfield or switch play as Parklands went in search of the equalizer and winner, otherwise very minimal defensive work as they pressed the opponents in their half. Mutua came in for Droopy and almost immediately created a scoring opportunity for the opponents as his lack of concentration gifted the opponents the ball. However, he later indicated he was testing to see if the goalkeeper and the center backs were awake. He combined well with Mark and later Trevor as they flooded the right wing to try to create something. With little to defend against he was brilliant in joining the attack. The push for the win had Waire pushing into an inverted midfield as he increased numbers in the middle of the pack. A game without Waire sliding or making a tackle is a game in which he faced no prisoners. Packing the midfield he pushed Chubar and Zlatan deeper into the opponent’s half with at times Chubar and Sisco appearing like a front two and Mark joining the overloading attack. Zlatan’s walking pace football was made fluid with a great attacking width that challenged his passing range of which he answered gracefully. Collecting the ball deep in the midfield his supplies to Rasco and Trevor were focal in isolating the attackers with their respective fullbacks. His well-taken volley was well deflected to beat the goalkeeper who was forced to a masterclass save to tip it out. Rasco did what he knows best, running down the wing and giving the team something to think about. Several of his crosses went begging as the team failed to capitalize on his attacking threat. Proving too good for the opposing fullback he forced the team into a substitution and a change in formation as he was man-marked to shut him out. Trevor Odhiambo made his first appearance of the season, talent kama mimba haifichiki, and his twinkle toes were there for all to see. He came close to putting the side ahead and getting the equalizer but was unlucky. He switched with Mark going to the right wing giving him more space and opportunity to initiate an attack with the result of his beautiful assist for Mark to score the winner. Sisco came late making his cameo when required and with the little time he had, he was still effective. Providing the crucial first assist for Mark to pile-drive into the bottom of the corner for the equalizer. An otherwise quiet afternoon for the super striker who already boasts 30 goals for the season. Mark proved to be too good earning his man of the match colors as he scored his brace ensuring a win. Continuing his viral tendency of scoring in every match, Mark proved the attacking threat and a knack for scoring crucial goals when required. His first goal after receiving a cutback from Sisco was unstoppable the goalkeeper could only watch as the ball kissed the net. It was a matter of copy-paste for the second one, after exchanging a quick one-two with Trevor before drilling to the same corner and with similar results. A master stroke switching to a more central role he was difficult to deal with as he ensured that Parklands bounced back to winning ways.

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