Away league match played on 06 April 2016.
Kicked off at 6:00 PM

**Super League C Result**

Filey Town Foxes - 1

Goal Sports Giants – 2 – Stubbings, Prentice

The Eyres Scaffolding MOM – Tom Peacock (Pictured)

Attendance - 2

Report by Randy Bloomshield, Scarborough News Of The World

Tyson Stubbings emerged as the muvva lovin hero this evening as a 35 yard goal shot stole the victory points from the incredibly friendly Filey Foxes 1st/2nd/3rd team at a swamp like Clarence Drive.

The playing turf was somehow passed fit by tonight’s whistle lord Davey Hudghton as the Foxes hierarchy spent their pre match with a brush and pitch fork making emergency repairs to the surface – it made at least 3% difference…….

The Purples, or brown’s as they would be known this evening just couldn’t get to grips with the lack of actual playing surface as their usual tika-tika style of play had been seriously negated from the offings.

The game would have been dead, buried and well and truly over if it hadn’t of been for the Giants goal denyer Tom Pwilly, as our orange PE kit wearing hero pulled off magnificent hand and foot denials on 4 separate occasions in the first period bringing back memories of club legend Gary Ellwood’s wonder show for the West Pier Penguins back in 2008.

Somehow the away side made it to the half time hooter with their sheet unstained, and their opposite number had been about as active as a boot camp newbie signup eating their body weight in pringles and crying themselves to sleep before making the drastic decision to indeed sign up - as he found himself having to make 0 hand denials in the opening 45.

1st Quarter 0 v 0

The second quarter was quite astonishing, with some key moments drawing huge gasps and whistles from both sets of fans with felony cards galore and spectator banishing occurrences.

Against the run of play the subshack entrant that was Dan Pickard managed to burst clear down the right with a trademark shin and chase.

Our slide tackling loving winger, who was like a pig in sh*t in these conditions whipped over a cross to Prentice on 20 and the number 8 plucked the ball out of the sky with incredible majestic ease and beat his opposite number. That is a small lie as his opposite number did indeed not wear number 8.

Anyway, the Giants team mates all walked back, awaiting the inevitable skier and with it goal kick which would surely be about to be taken by the Foxes glove tender, when unbelievably the ball left the dirt dwelling cleat of Prentice and fired past the stopper faster than Superman chasing Batman down Seamer Road as they continue their battle to find out who is the hardest.

It was a huge goal. Massive. Gigantic.

The lead was almost doubled as the horizontal white beam came to the rescue for the Foxes 5 minutes later as Plumpton fired in one of his free kicked efforts from 22.2 yards. So close, but yet so far….

A number of Foxes had been pulled up for heavy challenges throughout the game and it would be quite the unlikely Giant that would cause uproar on 63 minutes as a Foxes flag kick was met with gusto by a real big guy in the 18 yard danger zone and the ball was heading in to the Giants SGI…..

Plumpton, having the reflexes of a Jedi leapt across the unguarded SGI and met the ball, seemingly saving the day as he thrust his manhood in to the pigskin and Pwilly gobbled up the loose ball…..

*Whistle* was heard around the soccer arena – “penalty” said the whistle lord “hand ball” he later added much to Plumptons fury and all round disappointment.

Not even showing him the ball mark on his erm….ball could save the oncoming major felony card and the pint sized guy trotted off for an early bath in floods of tears.

Unbelievable scenes!!!

The scores were knotted up with the resulting death strike and the Giants were incredibly mad, and also down by one guy 11 to 10. It was hero time.

Stubbings would indeed be that hero as he out thunked the Filey goal denyer after picking the ball up from a slack clearance on 35, and at a tight angle – our hero unleashed holy hell that gave the man in the sticks absolutely nay chance in heaven and the scores were favouring the Giants 2 to 1 with 15 to go!

The Foxes had lost it and within minutes Tommy Wilson was shown a major felony card after crashing in to Tyson Stubbing’s back door, he was one of several boys who made his name in to the whistle lords little black book in Filey colours. Wilson was ejected from the arena after using a naughty word. His mum will be proper reet mad when she finds out for sure.

It was an epic display of deefense late doors by the Giants to deny any further chances and the ‘browns celebrated with Klinsmann-esque slides through the mud as the final hooter hooted.

“It was a huge set of victory points and the boys worked incredibly hard on what was a surface only fit to house water dwelling zoo animals” said Coach Pete post-match.

“I’m almost certain I saw the loch ness monster in the 2nd half, although it may well have just been Dog Whitehead in the mud- as my glasses were steaming up a fair bit” added our coaching wizard to Gail Hailstorm as they trudged in to the locker rooms.

Up next sees the Giants make their way to the shanty town of Whitby on Saturday for another epic soccer clash – this time against the Fishburn Park Panthers!

Can the boys come home with more glorious spoils of war? Tune in this Sat to find out…….

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