Home cup match played on 27 February 2016.
Kicked off at 1:30 PM

**Scarborough Cup Of Nations Result**

Goal Sports Giants - 4 –Le'Friett (2) Friend (2)
Sherburn Red Devils - Neil

The Eyres Scaffolding MOM – George Friend (Pictured)

The Everley Fan Of The Match – Samantha Smith (Pictured)

Attendance - 33

Report by Randy Bloomshield, Scarborough News Of The World

Like an episode of ITV smash hit Saturday night tele’s Take Me Out - the Giants came down the lift, dodging the munters and chubbaz and leaving with a 10/10 worldie, as they sunk the might and power of The Sherburn Red Devils Soccer Franchise that included none other than Stone Cold Steve Austin, ex WWE wrestling champion!

It was a bumper crowd at The Storm Roofing Arena, which boasted a relatively flat surface and real life actual grass which has not been seen by the Giants for a long time causing great panic and excitement in equal measures.

Club coach and all round hero Pete Stubbings told touchline reporter Gail Hailstorm post match “Last week was like driving a 4x4 and finally taking it off road” (When describing Olivers Mounts disgraceful conditions)

“At first it’s a bit slippy, ya know - hard to drive on, but once you get back on the fast lane it will feel so much easier” said the wise one. And he was right!

The boys popped it about with whiz and panache as the Purples looked to take control of the tie early doors with Dog Whitehead, Pollard and Plumzil linking well with the Double F’s up top – Le’Friett and Friend. Let’s be serious, who doesn’t like a double F up top and the Giants definitely love it!

It was the latter who was causing the main problems as his movement resembled Cedric the Sea Life Centre slippery eel, as he made his way through the Devils back door on several occasions without being tracked, or if he was, they couldn’t get near him!

It was on 27 minutes when a swashbuckling move made its way to Friend on the right and he danced passed his man with ease before testing the hands of the Sherburn Goal-Denyer who was more than up to the task with a flying hand denial.

Unfortunately for the big stopper, and with great delight to the onrushing Kieran Le’Friett our hero goal tucked from 6 to open the scoring with an anti-equalization goalshot to send the already mentioned bumper crowd in to raptures. The Goal Sports end anyway.

“Goal Sports are weeeee” drowned out the groans from the Sherburn end as the Farmers Field Stand were in full voice, singing, girating and enjoying their freshly made cups of tea made by club Ultra’s Uncle and Auntie Smith who had taken up their seats in the sub shack.

The Giants had the Devils right by the naddleberries and like the school bully they began to squeeze real tight as the majestic Dan Pollard made short work of his markers after combing well with Dog in the 18 yard danger zone and a rooting tooting pull back found Friend on 8 and he did the rest with a composed real good kick in to the back of the soccer goal interior.

The black and white barcodes of the Red Devils came real close to halving the scores just before the half time hooter, as a real close headshot went closer than a Prentice downstairs shave, as the ball flicked past the far white beam from a Sherburn flag kick and wide of Pwillys SGI.

First Period 2 v Neil

The timeout period saw coach Plumpton enforce the message for the C’s – Calm, Concentration and C*ck quotes, as the boys took in the inspirational words on the club door (See below pics) and out they went with their proverbial tails up, ready to finish the job and write their names in history, and Giants Ed Burrows used a stick to write his in the mud behind the sub shack too.

The game was becoming stretched as the away side pushed for a goalshot to make the game real interesting and nice for them, and Friend managed to find enough space on the right wing to swing a mongoose as they say, and he whipped a ball over to the back stick to find an unmarked black guy wannabe in Neil Prentice with the goal at his mercy…..

“Yea blud, just came ova dinnit and me eyes just cudn’t connect like me dus wiv all dem birds in Bluey on a Saturday – I propa made me sen look a fool and me knows it” Prentice told Hailstorm about the chance after being hooked later in the half.

So to confirm, the ball had gone wide. The chance had gone, but the chance for glory remained and the front two were like Will Smith & Martin Lawrence, the Bad Boyz duo creating all sorts of havoc and destructions as the pair sang in game between them “bad boys, bad boys, what ya gunna do when we score past you!” as Friend finished off a superb through ball from his goal fighting partner Le’Friett, right through the goal denyers legs and in to the back of the SGI on 55.

The final goal of the piece wasn’t a striker’s goal, it was a god damn messiah’s goal and the Frenchman Kieran Le’Friett was that messiah as he raced on to a Prentice perfectly uted and weighted, wait, what? Yep fans that’s right it was the through ball of wet dreams and Le’Friett was on to it like a sheepshit off a shovel and he smack banged it on the full volley from fully 25 yards leaving the Sherburn Red Devil Goal Denyer admitting afterwards “I could have been killed!”.

Uncle Dean in the Subshack was said to be quoted by a source “That strike was more beautiful than any of my children, what a hit son, what a hit!”

This goal will surely feature heavily in this evenings Super League Match Of The Day hosted by lead anchor man Marvin Howey, with tonight’s show featuring sporting analysis from local tactical genius Patrick Parke and SL player Cameron Brian James Dobson of Hunmanby. 10.35 on Dave.

On came the cavalry and Seaside Tommy Wilde came on to put in a composed performance, finishing the clash with a 100% pass completion and delivering 3 X Factors to his team mates, much to Pete’s delight on the side-lines.

Greymar had entered the fray and saw a deflected effort go wide, much to the baldy target man’s annoyance as the match offialing flag erector was pointing his erection for a goal-denyer restart instead of Greymars desired flag kick - and the Red Devils as they did in the first half went mighty close with a flag kick head shot at the death, in an attempt to stain Peacocks unstained sheets.

The game was brought to a close by top officiating whistle lord Stan Jackson to scenes of jubilation, vuvuzela blowing and fan and player hugging alike and the Giants had done it – they will be making their way to the battlefields of a Super League Scarborough Cup of Nations Final in April. And everybody is incredibly excited and thrilled!

A special mention must also go to today’s captain Phil Hill, who has now gone a staggering 282 minutes of Giants action spanning 4 games without seeing the opposition goal tuck in to the Giant SGI! The last time he did was back on the 5th Dec 2k15 when he ran in to his mate Ed vs Lealholm and was told if he played like a Timmy again he would be axed by the management team! – Way to go Paul from everyone here at Goal Sports Towers, we are proud of you! What an improvement!

More details on said final will be announced as soon as we have them, but what we do know is we are in for one hell of a game vs the Edgehill Iron Pigs Res, who have a wealth of experience and are often known in the Super league as the Magpies – as they love to bring back shiny objects!

Bring it on!

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