Home league match played on 17 October 2021.
Kicked off at 10:00 AM

Luke gave a solid performance today when called upon he dealt with the ball and 95% of the time Luke's long ball was extremely accurate.

Alex for once I didn't have anything negative to say about his performance to myself ??. Being my son I always give him that extra bit of criticism that I wouldn't dream of giving any of the other boys. But he gave his all and I was really proud of him winning everything and dominating at the back. Man of the Match

Logan nearly had me pulling my hair out at one point when he decided to dribble past three players at center back but in typical Logan style he did with ease and reminded me to trust the players and soon had me eating my own words, ferocious in the tackle as always.

Levi everywhere today in a really tough tight game in the middle which we knew was going to be coming and Levi gives the defence that protection which he does week in week out.

Henley first game worked hard and threw himself into every tackle some superb little dribbles where he took on two players and left them standing, for someone who has never played in a match before you wouldnt of been able to tell which is a testament too how well he did.

Jacob had a quiet game today until we moved him out onto the wing his play was so much more involved and it caused real problems when out wide which showed in the second half.

Ty lots more running today which is going to keep coming week in week out, using his physicallity is going to be a factor in his game and you can see this in the first half when he helped by being the fall man for the pace of Jacob to run through.

Reeve had a solid game, lots of chasing down and looking for the pass in the middle, and ever reliant at the back with some big balls over the top that caused a bit of chaos

Taaj some superb little flicks and movement, around the middle of the pitch which was an unknown position for him but he gave everything and chased everything.

Arthur gave absolutely everything with his running today some brilliant chasing down and some excellent running to help create chances in the second half.

Leo once we crack the moving forward with the ball we will have one of the most competent defences going and this will come with time it's not a criticism at all as nothing gets past Leo he is Mr dependable at the back as I am still waiting for someone to go past him this season. Made a clear goal scoring opportunity tackle in the first half which would of seen our heads drop if it wasnt for his slide tackle.

We lost but everyone gave it a real go today and I really don't mind too much losing like this as the players all tried as much as they can as a coach and a parent I don't think any of us can ask for more than that.

It shows how close the game was as Wrekin only had two shots the whole game unfortunately those two goals went in but that's football it was a tough battle in the middle today which we were expecting. I am not trying to make excuses but playing on such a fast pitch is difficult for our players at the moment because we aren't where we want too be just yet in terms of passing and moving but this is something that will be coming with time we are still a work in progress with a mix of players that have played for 2/3 years and players who have never played before, I am still sticking with our prediction that we will see the best from this team after Christmas and we will be firing on all cylinders.

I am happy to take the loss down to a few tactical tweaks I was maybe too defensive in my approach to this game due to the three players that I knew Wrekin have in the middle so I shouted the loudest when talking with Will and Si and was determined that my idea was the right idea. Although we stopped the play in the middle of the players it really blunted the team, Once I had wound my neck in and listened to reason we were much more of a threat the second half when we reverted to what was being said by Will and Si with some tweaks to the formation. As the players I am learning as well every match and it's something I will be thinking about going forward that my ideas aren't always the right ones. (But SHHHHH Don't ever tell my wife that) ??????

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