Away league match played on 27 November 2011.
Kicked off at 10:30 AM

Chalkwell 1 South Benfleet Vets  1

Well, well, well, All is not well in the land of Division III of SBVL
Dropped points or a point gained is the question.

All must remember this is a team game. 

It was a blustery day and Pooh bear put his hand in the honey pot in anticipation, like Pooh bear SBV thinking there were spoils to come did likewise but their greed and lack thought meant the pickings were not enjoyed.

True, It was a blustery day and like all good veterans with many years of playing football under there expanded belts know the way to play in these conditions is to put the ball on the deck, adopt a short passing game. Two elements are required passing and moving. Showing for the ball and when laying off moving again and looking to support the attack or to receive the ball back . What was witnessed alas was the opposite, long balls played .everyone pushing forward and chasing after it and with the wind as an assistant it was not too difficult to see the winner in that race. Giving a little movement towards the ball and Demanding it would be the solution .

When SBV had possession unfortunately the lack of a cohesive shape was evident. This manifested itself into moans and groans from both players and observers . However one element was clear that communication amounts team and individuals was way short of our own standards.

When playing a 4-4-2 shape you should be able to see it . It is like looking at Kelly Brook 36-24-36 everything in proportion. So when you look at it, it is pleasing to the eye, and when operating efficiently it can bring an enormous since of pleasure. It also gives you that cigarette moment after a good performance. Compare this to the shape of lets say the mother in law, or indeed the moose you woke up too after too many beers in those formative years of miss spent youth , Not too pleasing 38-44-68. leaves you with regret and itch for week afterwards. I bet like me SBV all have itches and some regret.

On the positive side 1 point is better than 0, and the news that Gemini lost in the Cup does give some sense of cheer. But they will also feel better knowing that there closest rivals in the league have made it more difficult for themselves to challenge them.

First Half saw a very slow SBV out of the blocks. Shape looked more like 1- 3-1-1-1-1-1-1 ( the first 1 was GARY) therefore with no width and with long balls being played almost every time we had the ball it has resulted in very little football to comment about. SBV played at the pace of Chalkwell which for the observer was just short of stationary. It must be said that a few early efforts saw Keith as our most active member. Considering the conditions SBV still had chances but if one compared our performance pre season and made comparisons it was both frustrating to watch. It was not until the 35 minute when SBV put their first move together which consisted of  more than 4 passes.

The referee did not assist with the odd free kick which lets say were a little dodge, So it proved to be where form one such doubtful offense Chalkwell scored. In Kiths defence it did kick up from the surface and by then SBV had owed him one anyway. What you would expect from shock was some galvanising of effort but NO. It was like SBV felt we would all put it right as the game progressed. But this proved to be a harder challenge than anticipated.

Half time, words said, Changes made.  Would things be different.

Alas words went un heard and SBV went about their business. It could be said that we had the better half with the wind and yes SBV hit the bar three times and arguably one in three should have at least (if SBV luck was in) been a goal, but it was one of those days. Chalkwell were never in a hurry to do anything . Also when the ball went out of play neither was SBV to retrieve and get on with taking the game by the scruff of the neck) . As the pace was so  slow ( believe me,  I invented the word slow). More voices came from the touchline than those on the pitch ( everyone take heed). Things were looking desperate…...

Then Paul Simonelli took a free kick - How the choice was made for Paul to have a dig from 28 yards we don’t know but it was a joy to watch. As his attempt saw SBV equalise 1-1 .

This then woke up the slumbering giant and at very last we saw some approach play and attempts more worthy of the SBV name,  but alas it came too late

Final whistle 1-1, I  for one guess many SBV players walked to the bar depressed.

So depressed was I.  I had to relieve my tension and frustration on Mrs H for which she sends her grateful thanks to the team.

Football is about teamwork, effort, communication, and togetherness. Let epitomise this moving forward.

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