Away cup match played on 30 October 2011.
Kicked off at 10:30 AM

Gents, with love and hugs from Richard:-


Southend Supporters 0 SBV 1

Now,Now, then,  What have we here, Yes,Yes, Yes, Benfleet rose to the challenge with gusto and spunk. Well thats what they would say in shakespearian days so I shall use the bard for inspiration. Also to counter scorer Cliff who rather complained my grasp of English particularly with grammer was not up to scratch. Thus with such heckling I shall continue. However I will state that my schooling was interupted by the occasional absence as I was cleaning chimneys.


Verily the Benfleet "Boys" cod pieces thrusting (which unfortunately had a rather dissabilitation effect on Perry 's Grion) took on opposition two divisions higher. And like Henry IV fortook apon the enemy like a plague,  In this torrrent of such fortitude and bluster SBV obliterated them and condemned them to the turbulence of the hell of defeat. Alas Supporters club were no match for the much  leaner and mobile SBV.

Although on paper SBV had16 players due to muster this quickly dwindled to a twelve with Dennisonincluded although repoted he would be a late arriver. After ensuring he had his matador suit pressed and ready. Harding from non playing found hiself playing and with gay abandon ( no comments here, as I alsways say, dont knock unless tried) threw his Zimmer away and gamely fitted into the sturdy defence. A defence who I might add had more formations planned and changed than Katie Price had exposed her ample assets.


The fi rst ten minutes SBV showed they were a class apart and played with patience and guile. Keepng hold of the ball and passing. Yes Passing yes you all heard . at one point we completed 27 passess without counter. This set the tone of the first half with SBV looking for opportunities and playing much of the half in there territory. Matt came close with a few efforts and Cliff had shot go wide. SBV interchange passing was clear evidence that if they adopt this kind of play for the rest of the season succes will be assured.


Southend supporter Club were reduced to the very odd attack and bye and large these were snaffled up by a robust defense. Harding made way for OL'e Dennsion as it was not a pretty sight watching his limbs fall apart every time he moved. However true to form supporters first attack with Dennsion on the field saw him stand in centre field arms aloft and posing in true matador style milking the admiration of all the sinoritas. Alas as usual this was incorrectly applied as he wasnt there for the intial morgan battle cy where we agreed we would not play offside as the referee said he was imobile. Anyhow the pose looked good and the shout OL'E was heard everywhere. Mrs Perry tuned up to see her little trooper play only to see him limp from the field holding his groin I for one saw a knowing grin from Mrs P who obviously knew that groin had seen plenty of action the night before no wonder it could put up wqith the rigours of a game as those in the know "stud " perry likes to please. Gary seeing his opportunity went on


I digress


Now cliffs moment


On one attack the ball was played accross the feild from left to right accross the Southend 18 yard box the ball then played inside to where Cliff was lurking. He tool a touch, he looked up, he aimed, He took another touch. Those watching were screaming shoot, He took another touch, Raised his right leg ( his left foot frmly placed) he took another touch looked up with that steely look, Took another touch, by this time SBV voices were too horse to shout shoot again then suddenly Bam. The ball flew sweetly and burried itself into the oppositions net. Cheers went up 1-0


The first half closing saw repeated attacks by SBV and some good defensive work all in all SBV dserved the Half time lead .


Second half was like the first. SBV largely being in control suffling out supporters attack. Harry hd his usual bust up where quite clearly fouled he squared up to the opposition player. We all witnessed fist were clenched and arm raised and thoughts turned to a haymaker in the offering but the supporters player seeing such venom decided discretion was the better part of valour retreated with his tail between his legs.


One such attack saw Matt Clean through and only a cynical professional foul, abiet not professional but park standard which mad it the more spectacular prevented a goal scoring opportunity


Supporters seeing that although behind SBV were not taking the opportunities presented then saw there best period. SBV made a change and Harding re entered to bolster the defense and give it that solid feel and besides with such age and maturity at the back why should it not be bolstered in both weight and guile and I might say skill. But I would....


Having said that the game was in SBV control and they saw it out to the end.


Summary. Excellent team effort, Need to convery our chances but controlled with is more than Mrs H said the previous eveniing which she aid was frustrating


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