Away league match played on 19 February 2012.
Kicked off at 10:30 AM

I’m pleased to say the SBV turned up for this game not only in attitude but also in numbers which saw no less than 5 substitiutes on the bench. Harry was on holiday but offered to hire a private jet to allow him to play. This was promptly refused by Manager Morgan as he wanted Harry to continue to support the Cornish economy with his consumption of alcohol and also wanted evidence of the proposed Kebab empire being constructed at lands end. Also in attendance was 40 year old perry


In attendance was useless Matt who announced he was up for the game and sportingly showed off his 18" scar many a SBV player would love 18" but it was a cold day. However in the warm up having showed he has improved none of his shooting and scoring abililty declared he had pulled his other muscle and ruled himself out of a substitute performance. Also back was Edmondson who like a graceful swan was to adorn the SBV shirt in the second half and by his insistance wanted to mention it was he that started the move of the match.


Thus the scene is set. Unbeaten Gemini who by all accounts have been dismissive of the other teams in this division and cocky in thier arrogance against a SBV team who had until today been the only team to take points off them in the league.


Morgan spitting Blood during his pre match mumbles whereby he insisted that we SBV win, We knew this and decided we would play.


Whistle blew and SBV with messers Ben D , Billy, Mark , and John in defence stood firm in the early few exchanges supported by Cliff,Morgan, Ben and Lee in midfield. Paul S and Tony P gamefully provided plenty of options up top. This was combatative affair however SBV showed dominence and kept Gemini mostly pegged back. Lee showed his quick feet and let off a early shot which went  well wide. SBV kept up constant pressure which was only interupted by the counter attacking Gemini who held a threat when going forward  but thier efforts were largely snubbed out by SBV who were quicker and more positive with thier challenges. This reflectant on the games where against better teams where SBV more clearly show  determination.


Paul Simonelli had a good chance saved by thier goalkeeper who is possibly one of the best in the league when he flicked a cross from a corner towards the goal at close range. This later followed a TP shot which thier goalkeeper did well to push wide.


SBV again showed combativess and pressed and pressed. Cliff had his usual shot which missed by miles and Ben C also had a worthy effort saved by thier keeper. However when Gemini countered they did offer a serious threat which a solid and resolute SBV defense and supportive midfield help to subdue. Gary in goal for holiday keith was solid in sweeping his box and by and large had little except for one shot which went wide and one effort from distance from a SBV clearance whiich went over narrowly.


With the half nearing closure again SBV attacked. thus having 60-40 advantage in possession. Ben C shot which was cleared was then fell to Lee who hit it first time this flashed past thier golkeeper only to be well saved by a defender on the line . This followed with a corner crossed by Cliff found Morgan steaming in from eight yards and headed just over the bar. half time stats

SBV possession 60 %

attempts on target 4

attempts off target 5

Gemini Possession 40%

attempts on target 0

Off target 2


Clearly these stats showed that SBV had the better of the game thus far.This was reflected in Morgan and Garys words at half time


Also it must be said the right choice i not making subs at half time as it was SBV 's game to be won. But also no to be complacent as the game was still level.


Second half commenced and this showed that gemini came out with a renewed vigour and for the first time in the match put some pressure on SBV but again with everyone working hard to stiffle thier attempts Gemini were limited to two attempts which did not cause reason to be alarmed . But in this period SBV showed thier counter attacking prowress and had two atempts themselves which went wide . The editor wont mention names of how wide but a clue for the widest shot came from what you might find at Dover and beachy head.


Time for substitites and on Came Darren for a welcome return into the heart of SBV midfield. This immeadiately had an effect where acscendency reverted back to SBV. A fit Darren now took control of midfield and saw the return of his ability to win the ball ball to play it simply and effectively. ( I expect a fiver for this write up)  This followed by Gemini now getting rattled and saw them commit a few cynical fouls. From one a sweet freekick saw Gemini keeper save from a SBV shot the ball breaking free and quickly crossed back in where Simonelli back header appeared for one and all to be heading into thier net only to bounce exactly where thier keeper still on his knees was lucky to save.


Two minutes later SBV still attacking saw the ball break to darren in midfield centre he passed to his left to Ben C who again passed to lee square wide left. Simonelli broke forward into a gap where Lee found him with a forward pass. Paul crossed to TP who being on the penalty spot was clear, TP side footed sweetly into left bottom corner giving thier keeper no chance. 0-1 to SBV.


Gemini now were a goal down for the third time this year to SBV who in the early game of the year saw SBV lead only to be peged back. So SBV needed to be wary of a response from gemini. And typically they did respond but SBV stood firm. ben C gad a noteworthy effoirt to put the game safe where again a good move on the left crossed found Ben on the edge who placed the ball int the corner unfortunatlely thier keeper at full stretch flicked it round the post.


This became a tense affair but SBV still attacked and threatened and Gemini became more frustrated and were getting agitated. At this point they were given an opportunity a pass back to gary saw a clearance which was miskicked and fell to thier forward some 25 yards out who then blasted the ball wide of the gaping goal. Then mark who we all know has only a limited vocabluary when they pushed forward and lobbed a ball over Ben called" Marks". This was then followed by two more shouts of "marks "whilst Ben was chasing the ball a full pace ( this is recorded at 6 MPH).


Now the prize question

Does this cry of marks mean the following

1) Pass the ball to mark

2) leave it to mark as he's called for it

3) do nothing and allow gemini to have the ball

4) None of the above


Clearly those having played football would choose one of these answers. But according to mark he meant answer 1 but did answer 3 whist ben thought answer 2 was correct. Its a good thing this was not a compliance test. Luckily gemini did answer 4 and lost the ball. However mark spent 5 minutes argueing the toss.


With the last 10 minutes in view gemini Pressed and SBV countered. Gemini had some corners and had a jhalf chance but SBV closed the game out well for a deserved 1-0 victory and a finger up the you know where to gemini


Final score 1-0



Good to see we had a good team with strenght on the bench where needed. Also we battled and competed well and deserved the win. Well done everyone including those on the bench who may not have played which showed our solidarity as a team.

Now with games against Bluehouse (cup ), Nicolas colts both of which have beaten ( NC beat us 4-0 abiet with us having a weaker side,  we need to show the same quality and comitment. We also have a game against catholic which are always combatative and who now are 2nd but with a better goal difference should we make up our fixtre in hand, so  chaps only max ponts required from all our games and a win against Bluehouse next week for a cup final. We need everyone again next week

for this final push


From another foray forward


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