Away friendly match played on 18 March 2021.
Kicked off at 6:15 PM

The most awaited game is commenced. The match between KPJ Penang FC vs Gasmen FC is be waited by both sides and be dubbed as 'El Clasico' and this is the second friendly match for KPJ Penang FC.

This match started with bright and sunny weather and as for formation, KPJ Penang manager, Jason Wong started his first eleven with 4-4-2 diamond in order to strengthen every phase of player formation. The game start with Gasmen FC take a kick off and they try to hold the ball for their side. However, a fast run by Renu on the left side manage to pass the ball to Yo at the middle and he try to shoot but failed. But this is not a waste chance as a follow up by their young striker, Ariff as he managed to score a goal and put KPJ Penang FC on the lead with this shock strike.

Gasmen FC tighten up their midfield and strikers as KPJ Penang FC endure the most difficult period on this half as Gasmen FC launch a various strikes to KPJ Penang FC. One of the strikes as from their left winger shoot to the KPJ Penang FC goalpost already pass goalie, Hazwan but its too high. KPJ Penang FC made one changes on earlier game with Moss brought in to replace Adli and Adli brought in back to subs with Yo.

On defender, this time defender line be lead by Syamil to assist the defender line with fast tracked, Iman. Shukri also managed to hold some attacks on the right side. Boy on the left side using his speed to fend off the attack as well but injure himself with a slide that cut his knee. He also involved with a tackle with Gasmen FC wing as opposition player need to rest off after the collision. Another attack by Gasmen FC as a high ball reach the KPJ Penang FC goalkeeper box but managed to save by Iman before Hazwan manage to kick the ball off.

On 31st minute, Gasmen FC goalkeeper is be sent off by referee as he hold the ball outside the goalkeeper box while challenging a ball with Ariff. This is gave KPJ Penang FC chance to broad the scoreline with a free kick by Sam but the kick is high pass the goal bar. However, the kick is one of the best by him. After the first half whistle, KPJ Penang FC leading with 1-0 against Gasmen FC courtesy by Ariff`s early goal.

For the start of second half, KPJ Penang FC are having drastically change line up this time with almost 90% previous line up be change for tactical reason and to testing other player roles for this game, leaving only Ariff and Renu who stick with the game. After kickoff by KPJ Penang FC, it seems takes some times for the team to gain the momentum and possession as Gasmen FC keep pushing our team to get some goal for them. As to defend KPJ Penang FC line, Afy is be gave a yellow card as a consequences for tackle against the opponents.

Gasmen FC finally managed to score as a miscommunication by the defenders allowed Gasmen FC to score a equalizer to net a goal denied Zul to take any chance to save the ball. KPJ Penang FC make another two substitution by bringing in Sam and Yo to subs with Fahmi and Ariff respectively. Yo immediately shows his impact by a sudden attack to Gasmen FC goal post but its going wide. Syamil be brought in after that subs with Ti to make a back line more solid.

Gasmen FC have a free kick due to the tackle from KPJ Penang FC player and due to kick and some chaos, the ball accidentally hit Zulot thus it deflect the ball into the KPJ Penang FC net to defeat Zul for the second time. This time Gasmen FC already lead KPJ Penang FC with 2-1. Jason make another three changes by bringing in Hazwan, Iman and Boy thus change almost player on the bottom part of pitch.

Apparently, KPJ Penang FC and Gasmen FC keep challenging each other for goal into the final minutes of the play. Gasmen FC also launch a few attacks that be defended well by KPJ Penang FC defenders. The midfield players also doing their best to keep ball rolled for the strikers to challenge Gasmen FC for the equalizer as this time KPJ Penang FC hunt for the second goal. Moss and Adli subs with Sam and Peijal respectively as a final changes for the game.

KPJ Penang FC finally manage to score an equalizer as Mujib score a goal from the right side, defeat Gasmen FC keeper thanks to Moss short pass to him and he not waste the chance. Gasmen FC use a final minutes of the game to launch a deadly attack to KPJ Penang FC side but thanks to the dedicated players from all position all the attack can be manage swiftly without any incident. A few minutes then, the final whistle is blown and the final result would be a draw with 2-2.

This is a one of the best moments for the team as we finally facing the better and established opponent, the Gasmen FC. There are a few good and bad side of the game which is quite small but need to take seriously to improve it. The positive is all the players fought with their bloo, sweat and tears to keep the team alive and thus lift then maintain the players spirit no matter what happen. Hopefully, this fighting spirit will be alive until then. For the bad side, all the infield need to take care the throw in as it is a simple mistakes that gave Gasmen FC more free kick chances and it would jeopardize the team`s effort and need to take care as well the ball control in order to arrange the good attack. This match is a good match and we hope to see more from KPJ Penang FC. Well done!!

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