Home league match played on 28 June 2009.
Kicked off at 1:00 AM

Date: 28 June 2009

Opponents: Porirua (top of the table clash)

Venue: Fortress Upper Hutt College



folds, dempster, matt, me (c)

will,  dribble, Wilson, davies,

mark, lamo

Reserves: Josh and Kerran?

Absent: Jono (having gay old time at the carrot capital of the world), Bowie (away for second game in a row because family again took priority over team).

We assembled for the top of the table clash with Porirua.  We were sitting 1 point ahead of them, in top spot.  Having won a pre season friendly and first league game against Porirua the tab would have had us as $1.50 favourites.

This was Matt's first game back from concussing an opposing defender ages ago. 

Pre game shots were woeful, making me wonder whether a week off had left us stale or whether we were trying to play the mind game.  Sadly I think it was the former. Wilson reminded in the pep talk to man up as the game was going to be physical.

After I won the toss we stayed as we were playing towards the snow capped ranges.

Due to the fact I'm getting thumped at work today this report is going to be a lot more condensed that usual.

Points of note:

1.       Davies throwing the ball to himself.  Let it go behind head and landed right in front of him

2.       The ball going between their open goal and Wilson early in the game, only to be watched over the goal line for a goal kick. (accepted you may not have been able to see the ball till it was right in front of you)

3.       Mark’s toe poke into the bottom left to take us 1-0 up against the run of the play about 20 mins in

4.       1-0 to us at half time

5.       Wilson almost missing the start of the 2nd half as he was off “rubbing” dumpster

6.       bowie's lover somehow managing to get a well timed strike on a cross to go bottom left, 1-1

7.       davies persistence is fighting for the ball, resulted in a number of turnovers

8.       Matt’s tumble and weak cry for a free kick

9.       The number of yellow cards that could have been given out

10.   the amount of ball watching we were all guilty of, including watching their player get a free head on a corner ball to drop it to their kid player to hit home point black in front of our goal. 2-1 to Porirua

11.   Both our centre backs making runs at their goal

12.   Davies being bought down in their box, only to have the penalty given 5 outside the box

13.   Kerran making an immediate impact off the bench and getting straight into it

14.   Pickney going off and going home mid game

15.   the smallest player on the field trying to rally the marauders with his calls about something (didn't hear you lamo)

16.   mark shooting with 5 to go, the ball hitting the right post and bouncing back into no man's land not to be nailed into their net 17.   the most unlikeliest player scoring, albeit it the shot was hit straight at the keeper to give us a the draw with seconds left on the clock. 2-2 18. the team not crumbling completely during the 30 odd minutes we were down 2-1.

19.   matt bringing another of his family to watch the team in action.

20.   Dribble dispelling rumours he’d lost his voice, by talking for the first time in the post game drink (possibly a harsh call as I couldn't hear all of what was going on up front from back where I was)

21.   top of the table held, unbeaten season still on track

That game certainly won't be making the 2009 dvd.  None the less it was a very valuable point we stole from porirua and so long as we front for the rest of the season that should be the point we need to remain 1 point ahead of porirua and top of the table.  If we play them again in the cup finale we are going to need to be a lot sharper.  The key difference was everyone of their players wanted the ball whereas we appeared to enjoy watching them with the ball.  We are a fitter team and it will show in the second half.  We just have to keep battling for the ball as we have proven we are dangerous on counter attack and can step our game up.


Bowie, no pre game text or post game text enquiring about how we went

Davies for his foul throw

Pickney for leaving before the final whistle went and not enquiring how we went (latter part subject to review if someone got a text from him post game)


The website hasn't been updated yet so it still reads as if there is not game next week.

I am not going to be able to take to the field on 11 July as am away that weekend.  Pre booking this I checked who we were playing and it's the lowly wallaceville lads.  If it had of been a better team I'd not have ditched the team for a weekend away, that's not on.

Let the banter begin.



The Marauders Football Club
New Zealand

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