Home league match played on 08 May 2011.
Kicked off at 1:00 AM

Marauders v Tuskan Raiders

Upper Hutt College

Debut use of the new changing rooms  


Dave G in goal

Me, Josh, Nick H, Fong

Adam, Fong, Cam

Mark, Sam/Jason (am crap at names)  

Ref: Pedro (been showing the other team his ref’s changing room, he was a very happy man)

In an unusual show of power we started the game with 10 men as Fabio and Nick O only arrived at the ground moments before kickoff.  It was Nick that emerged first from the sheds and filed the gap at right mid.

We played north in the first half with a strong wind coming from left to right.  The paddock hadn’t been cut for awhile given its already soaked state.

The first half was probably one of our better in terms of second and third phase passing.  The ball at times moved effortlessly from the back through the mids and to the strikers.  There were chances however none that we could turn into a goal. Fabio lined up a ripper only for Black Adam (yes he returned having been a noticeable omission from their team last year) to throw himself at Fabio.  On that note I should point out that they were without their quick but extremely hot headed striker Justice.

Fabio picked up a knock to his knee, I think was care of Black Adam and so forcing him from the field.

The quality of our corner kicks was a positive in what was to soon turn into a game of negatives.  Time and time again the corners curled in nicely creating real chances, again none of which would stick.  Top work Mark and Cam.

I can’t recall how an who begun it but a real opportunity came our way care of a great cross on the ground in front of their goal. One of the Fongs was up quickly and through a leg forward but the ball was too quick and so avoiding being slotted into the back of the their net.

The Raiders launched many an attack care of their heavy breathing troll looking striker.  He had many  a run which Nick H was forced to accompany him on.  I am pleased to say that despite the trolls best efforts we kept him off the score sheet for the game, it was just a pity we weren’t able to do this for all of their players.

The first such fail game as a result of a shot from inside our box with one of us and one of them in Dave G’s line of sight.  I’m not sure if it got a deflection or Dave G simply couldn’t see it but the ball hit the back of the net before Dave G dove to his left.

The remainder of the half was fairly even with chances to both teams none of which turned into goals. 

At the half it was anyone’s game with the importance being on who could score first in the second half.  One of the Fong got oh so close after a good run straight down the middle pulling the ball left around their defender and then right in front of him. As the squeeze came from the right he struck shot from say 20 out which went within one metre from the top left corner.  Top effort.

That however seemed to be as close as we would get to their goal, a real pity given their keeper didn’t look to be particularly agile.

It was the Raiders who struck next as they tore a hole in our defence, me having been sucked forward to try and shut down their unmarked left mid. A well placed through ball to their striker who cut inside the box and smashed the ball at Dave.  Despite getting a lot of glove on it the ball was hit hard enough for it to still end up in the top right of our goal.

Next up was an unfortunate chance that we gave them, which given the scored from all chances didn’t help.  A lop ball into our box dropping between me and Dave.  Dave called for it and then had to watch helplessly as he tried to get to it only to be 3-4 metres when their striker got a head onto it to float the ball over and into our net.

  If we fast forward we then had a corner/free kick which one of the Fongs smashed at the keeper who pushed it into the cross bar where it dropped into the 6 yard box. Mark was hungry for it and got their first just getting it past their keeper and a defender.

3-1. (not flash but better than 3-0).

With a surge of adrenalin we started hunting the ball, positive given an apparent lack of want to go get the ball off them.  Despite this newfound want it wasn’t to be as they put the nail in our coffin by scoring another.

Sadly for all that was to be the end for us and so making it our worst loss in Sunday league history.  It is worth noting that we were missing Dribble, Fold, John, Fred Josh (so half the team from the week a game earlier).


The new facilities, albeit the changing room only had 1 shower

Some great passing in the first half

Josh’s speed at the back many times thwarting their attack by coming forward to snatch the ball


A lack of killer instinct from the get go giving them a chance to clear the ball when we could have put them under a lot of pressure.

My final game being a loss and a bad one at that.


All of us.

Best of luck for the remainder of the season.  The illusive double may have taken a real set back but the hope of cup glory is still very much alive and something we’ve gotten frustratingly close at but never quite got there.  For all future match reports etc please email me at andda347@hotmail.com.


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