Away league match played on 09 May 2010.
Kicked off at 1:00 AM

Good Morning all.
The hangover has surely hit in, weather from alcohol or from a unsatisfying performance yesterday against as what fridge called "Basically a team full of hippies!".  The Marauders went to Rongatai college in hope/expectation of picking up another casual 3points on the road to triumph. Some of us arrived earlier than others, myself arriving first with Nick and Case ready to go with boots on at 12.07pm. The rest of the troops soon formed with the double doors turning up last, this left the starting line up as so:
Josh John Whllie Dave Fridge Fold Wilson Dempster TinTin Dribble Jason
Impact players: Case & Nick
So the toss was had which saw The Marauders decide to stay as they are for what could possible described as the best kit in the league vs the second best aka THE MARAUDERS FC vs Sunday Blazers. The pitch was awful, there is no other words for it, 1.2km long, 20m wide, and harder than Vinnie Jones himself.... not to mention the 2x4's as corner flags. However you play to the conditions and those were the conditions. The game got underway in which saw a sluggish start from both teams. Wags started to arrive, including the introduction of Frederiks WAG who was later advised for more cheering next time.  15 minutes into the game however it was The Marauders who copt a nasty blow to their ambitions, lord knows how it came about but a hippie on edge of the 18yrd box who got a very convincing shot away and made it 1-0 to the blazzers, little Josh or anyone could do on that! Hoping that this wold kick start The Marauders into gear was not to be, as similar football was played, one of the best chances that was failed to capitalized fell to myself who struck the side net after a great through ball. Dribble also had a speculative lob that fell just to the left of the post. Jason was ever present a menace up front however the breaks never fell his way. The Blazzers thriving on this with one in particular (old baldy loudmouth at the back) firing of a couple of quotes which were available to my ears, "i love you jon but you've gotta be more like a pitbull" 2mins later: "Punch me jon, punch me in the stomach cummon!". A disappointing half came to a close with much to be improved.
Oranges had. Talks had.
Straight into the second half and like last week someone decided to take another go at poor wee Wilson. This time it was a flailing arm from some scrawny bugger who has previously suffered concussion (apparently), after Wilson went to make an apology.  In truth though Adam didnt actually do much wrong other than be twice his size. The game proceeded however The Marauders still crunching the gears trying to find the next level. Plenty of re-shaping occurred as the team looked to redefine their prospects! Dempster dropped to accompany Wyllie at the centre of defence.  Dave pushed up into the centre and found himself down the right alot with plenty a throw in but not plenty of options. Dribble dropped into the mids and started scavenging for the ball, and one incident in particular saw an opponent on the ground illegally playing the ball. However the ref didnt share the same opinion and it got to the point of Dribble unleashing a full swing toward the leg direction in order to get some results, however the result ended up being a free kick. The Marauders running low on time and steam appeared to be a bit rattled and that dipshit of a defender who normally has a megaphone to his face let us know about it. At this point i would like to point out to Bolts????? you made a call, regardless of being on the turps or not,you failed to deliver yourself let alone a megaphone. I myself also got demo-ed as an acquaintance proceeded to flick the ball over my head. However as the 90thmin rolled over it was The Marauders who after some mundane pressure had a corner. The ball was whipped in and what was a bit of good old fashion pingpong that then saw Dave who was first to get some control and direction on it and fired the ball into the net. 1-1! 2mins left! The roars were real, the atmosphere devastating for anyone wearing tight shorts and the inability of using a razor! The Marauders looking to push on for a second, led by Wilson's cries to keep in their half however in reality 2 mins is only 120 seconds and thus the whistle blew before anything could materialize. 1-1.
Special UPS has to go to: Fridge, good SOLID game, living up to the name! Did well under the high ball, and created from the back. John, fantastic return from a hamstring, lesser men would nurse that for longer. Frederick, good yards throughout the game, pushed forward as needed towards the end, a constant barb which they had to adjust for.
Some people might call it a lucky escape, but i call them people dicks! you create your own luck and you play for 90mins and that wins tittles.
To the cross where drinks and nibbles were had, with a rather impressive display of WAGS and at one stage the ratio was almost outnumbered with 5 WAGS and 6 Marauders.  Some departed, others arrived, and late in the hours saw the introduction of Bolts who made his purchase and shared amongst. Special note to Case who came across someone he had relations with in first year, and with some sneaky paparazzi work from Dave this shot was established! (see below)

Fridge: Late Case: Gingering...(does that go to me?) Myself: 2 foul throws via fill in Tintin: Male Wag
The Marauders Football Club
New Zealand

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