Away league match played on 29 May 2011.
Kicked off at 1:00 AM



Finally the weather played ball this week allowing the Marauders vs Firemen game to go ahead as planned and on a reasonable pitch.  Turning up early to avoid starting on the bench, JC, Mark, Nick H and Dave G were pleased to see that Naenae college had worked out that Football is much easier to referee with actual lines.


The Marauders had a good turn out with 12 putting their hands up for selection.  For the opposition, it seemed that equal opportunity employment within the Fire Department also translates to weekend sport.  With that the game was, I understand, the first game in which the Marauders faced female opposition.  Now one would think that women fire fighters look like they do in the latest 2011 calendar (refresher below).




Alas, it was not the case.  The Firemen sported three women  all of which Fold confirmed were in fact hobbits from the Lord of the Rings.  To be fair, they competed well and hats off to them for having a crack.  To the game now and it is safe to say the Marauders gave the Firemen a down right drubbing with the final score being 12-1 to the Marauders.  Listing goals first:


First half goals


Dribble x 2

Mark x 3

Adam Jr


Second half goals


Own goal


Nick O x2


Josh A


Game summary


Team:  JC, Mark A, Adam Sr, Adam Jr, Josh A, Josh M, Dribble, Fold, Dave G, Nick O, Nick H, Cam


The first half started a little untidily as the Marauders settled into the task at hand.  Things were not helped by a woefully poor opposition so field positioning was all the more difficult.  Mark Anderson had a few fumbles early on up front to the amusement of Adam, but this was short lived with ultimately 3 goals coming from Mark’s boot in the first half.  First blood was drawn by Dribble with a quick run up the middle and angling a nice right foot shot past the keeper.  It was Dribble again 5 minutes later with a similar shot to bring the scores to 2-1.    A few moments later Mark entered the fold (may need to rephrase that but will let it go)  and scored a decisive goal.  At this point general game play from the Marauders took a turn for the worst with most of the defensive and centre lines moving forward to try and score.  This left a huge hole at the back which was quickly exploited by the firemen bringing the scores to 3-1. The Firemen’s success was short lived, however, with Mark slotting home a further two goals and young Adam Jr also scoring bringing the scores to 6-1 at the half.   While the Firemen were not enjoying the caning on the field Adam provided them with light relief when suggested that the Captain move to the centre and that he would happily “fill his hole”.  Adam quickly caveated his suggestion with “I mean your on field hole” – still not sure this was any better.


At half time Adam suggested that all Marauders go up front and leave defence to Josh A.   This sounded like a stroke of tactical genius until Adam then compared himself to Messi – at that point the Marauders rightly reverted to a more conventional game plan.  It is fair to say that with scores heading for double figures it was difficult to play a controlled style of play.  For most of the first half we were all guilty of to many through balls being hit in the hope someone would catch up to them.  While in Adam’s words we were all “Usain Bolt” out there we needed to practice like it was the Tuskan Raiders.


Second half started with an early run by Fold putting in a cross to new striker Dave G who proceeded to launch the ball skywards in a failed attempt.  A few moments later Nick O puts in a great strike but it was a little wide.  Adam Sr was playing well in the centre and put in a through ball which hit Dave G fair in the chest and unfortunately played nicely into the hands of the opposition.  At this point from the sideline the captain found it quite amusing that the Firemen’s catch phrase was “keep applying pressure”  - hopefully applying pressure in a fire fighting context works better than in their football exploits.


With a lack of early goals in the second half, it was Adam passing a nice through ball to Dave G to score brought he first points of the second half.  Moments later Cam passed to Nick O who beats the goalie coming out of the box then beats the last defender to score his first of the game.  Seeing the goals flowing easily Dave G attempts what could be described as a bicycle kick but the results were not pretty.  Fold after a relatively quiet first half was next up with an unlucky chip shot which clipped the keeper on its way over the crossbar.  From the corner Dribble blasts in a waist high ball to bring the scores to 8-1.    With Josh A in goal playing solitaire the decision was made to sub him with Dave G.  Within 30 seconds of the sub Josh A scores from a great cross by Josh M.  Josh A was involve moments later when Adam put through a nice cross to see Josh fall on his ass trying to control it. 


The last quarter saw a brief respite in Marauders scoring with a number of shambolic attempts on goal leading to moist of our attacking line left sprawling on the deck.  Nick H puts in a hit and hope from outside the box only to collect Josh A standing on front of an open goal.  Next Josh M cross to Josh A who misses an open goals but bounces back to Nick H who proceeds to hit the goalie.  Adam not to be outdone launched  shot from outside the box, but in doing so got the altitude record of the day with his shot sailing into the carpark.


Finally after a brilliant run from Fold beating four players he crossed to Nick O who slots it home.  Moments later Nick O again from a  cross from Josh M slots what would have been his third but is ruled offside.  Nick H who was amping to score finally had his clear run with only the keeper to beat was cruelly cut down by the full time whistle.  Final score 12-1.

Playing of the day – Goalie for the opposition


Cam - colliding with one of the female opposition and enjoying being tangled up on the ground with her

Adam – inappropriate sexual references on the field and comparing himself to Messi

Nick H – Not scoring – how hard could it be?


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