Away league match played on 16 August 2009.
Kicked off at 1:00 AM

We came, we saw, we conquered and departed as Sunday League champions for 2009.  Some other stuff happened along the way but that's now all history and if only for those not able to attend I shall recall some of these events.     Suspicions were raised when our non Pedro referee strolled onto the pitch and looked remarkably less Mexican and more arakuraish.  Any concerns were partly eased when he introduced himself as Joe.  Absent any corner flags touch judge flags were dispatched to each team who for whatever reason were asked to judge on calls against the opposition attack.  Another new sight was a crew cut ring in who took his place up front.  The Marauders also welcomed to the side a new kid called Jono (which coincidentally is the same name as a former player who was last seen chasing the abominable snowman).  With a reasonable number of people on the adjacent kid's pitch and other spectators feigning walking their dog(s) the previous attendance record of 23 was surely eclipsed.   Anyway staying where we were and taking the kick off the following is a Jack Bauer reconstruction and takes place in real time.   13:01:00 Sunday 16 July 2009   On the whistle I passed forward to Dribble who looked, took two strides forward and pushed a waist high pass down the right flank to an unmarked Bowie who pumped the legs cutting in towards the box.       With either a poorly taken shot or magical pass, the ball shot in front of the goal to a waiting and unmarked Casper on the left, who hit it with his left foot.       13:01:15 Sunday 16 July 2009   GOAL!!!! 1-0    Joe would later comment this was the quickest goal he has ever awarded as a referee and even he couldn't believe it.  A brilliant start which, allowing 30 seconds for a restart, had us on track for a score of 120-0.  In true Davies style another vital strike and for the first time it was to put us into the lead.   Play continued and there was a degree of back and forward force back for the next 10 minutes with both teams opting for launched first touches in fear that feet passes on the ground might create yet more goals.   A few further chances were created by the marauding team in blue and yellow who were pushing forward, but the keeper wasn't troubled.  One such attacking move led to a throw in 5 meters from their line.  With Wilson inside the box the throw in was launched simultaneously with the first of many elbow push/fends in the back.  Having none of this Joe blew his whistle and pointed to the spot.  Thinking he was kidding their captain engaged in a "you (presumably a reference to Joe generally and not his native name) have to be kidding" discussion, but to no avail.  Stepping up to the dot Dribble pushed one low and to the left past their noticeably ginge keeper who failed to even move. 2-0   With confidence rising complacency subbed on and dominated the remainder of the half.  Stuck on defence with a clearance kick mentality at the forefront our structure fell away and before long it felt like we were giving Arakura a session in corner practice.  Generally played away, lone calls of "over me" from Matt created some issues, but Hosk was able to knock away those which we left to bounce and were redirected his way.  Of note was a tip over which may well have levelled the scores on any other weekend.  Davey also caused a stir when a clearance kick found the river and headed out to sea.   Eventually something had to give and did.  Having threatened down the right on multiple occasions a pass was turned over upfield.  One of their strikers took the ball near half way and ran more or less in a straight line into our box where he slotted one into the bottom right.  Like two jets tracking an unidentified aircraft in US airspace unsure if they had permission to engage, it appeared their player was more of less escorted on his run. Perhaps a communication breakdown but it was met by much jubilation from a buoyed Arakura.  I leave it to Demspter to comment on what happened, or didn't here.   Despite talks of "play like 45 minutes is all we need to give to win the league" our gameplay stayed as it was for the start of the second half.  Frustrations were evident from both teams and talking back to the referee intensified.  The top pocket was momentarily opened for Dribble, although no card was produced.  Turning his back on the 5 second pep talk, Sam got a caution as was asked if he wanted to referee.  Bowie too was in on the action being fouling on multiple occasions.  Combined with their persistent screaming of offside, once awarded when I was still in our half, the focus of the game changed to a vocal marathon.   A few blatant double handed pushes (against Bowie and maybe Sam) were missed by Joe.   Their number 33 managed to get his head on an upfield chip, which sent the ball over their keeper and then it somehow managed to bounce over the goal.  Adam had by this stage switched to striker and was called back a handful of times for offsides, some more comical than hopeful.    At back left Davies was knocking many a good attack into touch and Matt and David were, as usual, keeping the middle clear.   A high through ball from me to Will nearly worked, until it was met by their keeper well outside the box who definitely got a hand on it as part of his clearance.  Another move down the left from Will created a good chance after a few in box deflections ended with my shot hitting the left bar and Dribble sending the follow up over the top at pace.  Bowie was sent through nicely after a well constructed move from Dribble in the midfield but, forgetting Lameo was gone , succeeded in hitting it right at the keeper.  Another move ended with my attempted shot/pass to Wilson deflecting off the keeper at hitting me in the eye.  While I hit the dirt I gather the ball deflected nicely to Wilson with as others described it "the most open goal of the season".  I'm told the shot was blasted over the top and the scores remained level.   Hard luck Wilson.   At the back they created a few good chances and on one counter attack with 5 to go looked to have sealed it, only for the shot which had Hosk well beaten off the line defy gravity and not drop as it shaved the upright.    The full time whistle finally sounded and it was the league over.  Onward to complete the rout and take the cup as well.  With positions likely to differ completely next week stay tuned for some carnivale football if you can't make it along.  Celebrations to follow in due course.   Yours triumphantly Mark       Fines   - all who played but missed the post match drinks (you know who you are if you weren't there with David, Matt and me) - Wilson for missing "the most open goal of the year" - Jono for constantly leaving his much faster player and forgetting he didn't have a nos turbo feature to rely on - Bolts for failing to enquire as to the result. - me for the lateness of this report

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