Away league match played on 09 August 2009.
Kicked off at 1:00 AM

9 August 2009


Marauders v Tuskan Raiders


Venue: Crawford Green




Me matt dempster will

Bowie adam sam casper

Mark dribble


Sub: James (making his debut)


With 3 games left in the league we lead the table by 3 points over Arakura and Tuskan Raiders.


A win today would help jump 6 points ahead of the raiders and so all but end their hopes of league glory.  A win would also keep Arakura riding in our wake and make the league ours for the taking next weekend against Arakura and so make our final game against Trentham a mere formality.


Some may question where the additional 3 points we were told last week's game had on the line got to.  Apparently if you were also wondering about the "6 pointer" then like me you haven't played enough top level sport.


With the importance of the day well and truly known by all it came as a shock and low point in his life that Jono turned his nose at captaining the marauders for a must win game.


Enough said.


We strode onto the park, heads high and amping.


After a successful call of heads we stayed as is playing towards Mirimar.


AS the Raiders took to the field they chose whether wisely or not to put one of their shortest players in goal, a decision that would come back to haunt them later on in the game.  Also of note was the pom they played at centre who was the voice of their team constantly yelling, a player that one Marauder later commented was the dark version of our very own adam wilson.


They kicked off but were soon turned with a throw in to us at half way.  After a rocket propelled like throw in from yours truly bowie was off down the right flank towards their goal.  I'm unsure whether an off target shot or solid tackle ended this phase but it certainly made for a positive start to the game.


The next 15 mins or so a lot of tooing and frooing with key battles beginning.  Sam showed that despite his Stacy Jones like size that he could and would fight hard for the ball. Matt's need and perhaps want to follow in Madonna's steps and adopt a Malowian was evident with lots of hands holding with one of the raiders strikers, culminated in matt almost succeeding in pulling the guys shirt off over his head.


With the momentum of the game ripe for the taking a well timed and weighted pass from mark sore bowie tore through their defence and slotted in a well controlled and clinical shot to take us up 1-0 (20).


A rather jubilant marauders were soon knocked down a peg with a penalty being awarded five metres outside our box on the right hand side.  A 4 man wall was set up to protect the most direct route to the goal, a straight shot.  Unfortunately some members of the wall appeared to be unclear on what exactly the purpose of the wall was.


Wikipedia defines a wall as being a usually solid structure that defines and sometimes protects an area.

What ensued was a opening in the wall which allowed the straight shot through the wall and onto bolts.  Sadly bolts lacked the agility and speed of someone in their twenties, the average age bracket for the team, (makes sense seeing he is 30 plus) and was unable to get down fast enough to stop the ball going between him and the ground.  1-1 (25).

By now our fan base had showed itself with the arrival of Kiri, Jess, Mallory and one other, was either Will's girlfriend or perhaps sister who he's very "close" with.

The remainder of the half went by without any real moments of excitement, sadness or anything I'd remember 24 hours later.  For whatever reason the midfield/strikers kept turning passes they received on the ground into a mini bomb forward for our team to try and score from.  Despite trying this move over and over again nothing came from it, other than the ball being hoofed back down the park towards our back line.

At the half a call of "great work raiders" was heard from dark adam.  Not to be outdone Adam gave a solid and motivating pep talk. 

Dempster was subbed off for a rather bowie/lamo like injury (in the head).  In his place on came the bfg, a 6 foot 4 or thereabouts Englishman who surprise surprise is also a teacher.  After quick reshuffle I paired up with Matt an centre back with james (the bfg) taking right back.

Our level of support was increased by 25% with the arrival of danny, the bfg's caretaker and wag.

With the fate of the season resting on this game we kicked off.

Early into the half a deflected through ball was hurtling towards the raider goal line for what all thought was to be a corner kick.  The bgf who was closing in on the ball, there being a raider between him and the ball, had other ideas and shoved the raider in the back with both hands knocking him to the ground.  Possibly due to the comedy of this move no penalty was given or in fact any word from the ref.  One of the raiders did however comment that we were better than that and so did not need to resort to foul play.

The stats from previous games suggested it would be mark that scored first, having the better average at away games over his co striker dribble.  Ageist the odds it was to be neither that scored next.  Rather a chip/lob into the box a short time after a corner sore a high bouncing ball moving towards their keeper.  The ever agile and never out of place centre back matt charged into the box dwarfing their keeper.  A well weighed header sore the ball float over their keeper and into the back of the net. 2-1 (57).

With the momentum on our side we took control of the game and owned the ball.  Credit to the team for fighting hard for the ball and making sure any 50/50 ball came our way. 

The occasional wave of attach from the raiders was quickly shut down by the back 4, who I shall refer to from here on as the wall.

Sam was extremely unlucky not to score after a well struck shot from 30 out came close to curling into the top right corner. 

With stats against him dribble manned up and after a solid fight for the ball, including the push in the back from a retreating raider slotted home to take us 3-1 up (70).

With his head raised and eyes on the goal the dribble of old reared his head with an aerial bombardment on the property directly behind the goal and across the road.  To be fair some of the shots were well struck and only slightly off target however their was a dribble classic that soared over the goal at height.

Not to be outdone on the reminder to people who live near public parks that their houses are fair game matt launched a couple of balls high over the sideline, one seemingly got very close to a large window that was just waiting to be smashed whilst another went even further into someone's back yard.

Next up came will who struck a beauty from 5 outside the box into the top left.  But for matt and dribble's goals diminishing the importance of this goal, this would have surely been on for goal of the season.  The second goal from a defender, all be it it will had now moved into left midfield and so pushing casper back into the wall.

We continued to control and pass the ball at ease.  There were some stunning passes going on, whether they be the triangle around players or the cross ball to the free man on the otherside of the field.

It was only a matter of time before we struck again. Will stepped up and slotted home for his double. I can't recall anything about the goal, so feel free to ad to this report if you are in the know. 5-1 to us.

A solid and well deserved win and one that will/should have the raiders pondering massive changes to their game plan come the cup final in a month's time.

Despite being sponsored by Fidel's no mention was made for us to come back for a drink so instead we hit the southern cross and secured the best seats in the garden bar where we were bathed in sun and my implication made even thirstier.  Despite agreement being reached that we would leave our shirts on dribble and bolts tried to distance themselves by wearing non marauders shirts. Poor form.

The super jugs, wedges and other culinary delights were all on offer.  Casper got through his bottle of wine and onto the beers.

As the non committed left for whatever reason, adam to frolic on the waterfront, and  bowie to do whatever bowie does.

As the season draws closer to an end all thoughts must be on a league winning game this weekend.


me for taking so long to get this report out

Jono for disgracing himself

Mark and casper for not knowing what a wall is.




The Marauders Football Club
New Zealand

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