Home league match played on 18 April 2010.
Kicked off at 1:00 AM

Marauders down Awakura rivals



The lads congregated at Fortress Moonshine for the first time this season just after noon on Sunday 18 April 2010. The Marauders run on team for the clash saw Fold take the gloves, unexpectedly, the pair of Michael Dempster and Matt Hurley at centre back supported by “Newbie John” and the young debutant Matt Wyllie at left and right back. Three midfielders Wilson, Dribble and Tim were reinforced up front by Casper, Mark Ando and Dave Ando.


As the weather played its part it was up to the boys, new and old, youngsters and oldies, injured and fit to take to the field in hope of out performing the opposition. A few chances were created early coming from attacks down the left as Casper was put through on goal on a few occasions but could not capitalise in these instances.


Nicko arrived and took over the reigns from an injured Fold between the posts after about 30 minutes. It was clear, from his lack of surroundings, he was a little confused as to which paddock the field was on.


Another chance was created from Mark and Dave Andos linking well with a well timed flick on and almost a sixth sense of where the other-brother-from-the-same-mother was at all times. It almost looked certain that the two would link up in breaking the ‘ol onion bag’ but only time would tell. Apart from a few wide Awakura shots Fold and his replacement Nico were barely put to the test. Dempster, Matt Wyllie, newbie John on the left and Matt controlled the skilful Awakura strikers and kept them at bay.


The only other highlight from the opening spell was a tempting high ball floated into the directed path some of the Marauders tall timber reaching the six yard box and nearly resulting in a goal. After a goal line scramble it was cleared by a desperate Awakura defence to keep it at nil-nil.





To the second stanza …


More chances were created in this spell as a result of tired players from both teams. A loose ball from a goalie scramble clearance under pressure from the Ando’ combo collected in the path of Dribble who drove his first time shot towards the target but unfortunately clearing the bar. Wilson also had a long range effort of which he created himself by moving into space past his defender and pinging one only to clear the bar by a small distance. As shots and chances started to come into fruition the Marauders stepped up their intentions. A Matt Wyllie run down the right resulted in a cross being swung in and a deflected Dave Ando header saw the ball fall nicely for Tim who managed to slot the ball between two sets of posts, the keepers legs but most importantly the two uprights. ONE NIL MARAUDERS.


This saw the introduction of a few non Asian Awakura members with a goatee character Caucasian up front assisted by a 1980’s  simply red look alike or possibly a ginger haired ex Canberra Raiders loosie (who was also wearing a Liverpool shirt) at right back. A newbie Marauder in the form of Frederick was brought on at left back for John. A few Marauder attacking breaks down the left and right were created and the Awakura Freezer was left wondering what he was doing in a Football game and almost scoring for the Marauders from a dangerous Mark Ando ball finding his swinging leg and narrowly missing the near post. “CORNER!!!!” Wilson shouted (once again). The Awakura Freezer (who may have been better suited to a Sumo Wrestling match) let out what one can only assume was a mating call for any near female large mammals.


Tempers flared up on both sides as Awakura let loose a medley of verbal pesterings directed at the referee. Wilson also let out a few derogative calls towards the opposition after his frustration at the players complaining about not getting a penalty. After what clearly looked like a cuddly challenge on the away team’s striker from Matt Hurley “tall timber”, the Awakura captain, along with the Awakura “Fridge/Freezer” were both told to “Shut it” and were also told that any more onslaughts would result in players being sent from the field.


A run down the left hand side from Dribble resulted in a corner in which Matt “hurl himself into the direction of oncoming traffic” Hurley met it with a towering well timed jumping header to put the ball into the back of the net to make it 2-Nil Marauders. This is how the game finished and in it a first up win for the defending Sunday League Champions.


Clearly some of the boys were feeling the effects of a celebration of the conclusion of both Ando’s end of their first triple decade. A number of originals and officials as well as a number debutants and even an old-boys member Wyeth were present at the occasion. The highlight of the night, apart from a male parental’s broken record spiel, had to be Mark Ando making a number of references about the mighty Marauders and the importance of the team to him. Many members enjoyed the two attempting to outwit the other and the comical banter was a highlight.



Good start lads, a bit rusty but for a first game a good result.








Points of Address.


§          Dempster copping a black eye from Hurley.  Please explain:


§          Newbie John copping one from Hurley and Awakura strikers while on the ground.


§          No show of Sam Rausch.


§          The appointment of the new Team Doctor : Tintin (Frederick).


§          The battle of the Ando’s in a David and Goliath verbal courtroom in an open family/friends lounge session the night before the big clash.


§          Thoughts on Newbie’s WAG(AMAMA)’s volunteering to prepare half time Baking or Fundraising an end of year trip. 


§          Folds outstanding efforts on Oranges at HT: Possibly carrying on this throughout the season.


The Marauders Football Club
New Zealand

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