Home league match played on 07 June 2009.
Kicked off at 12:00 AM

Marauders v Shamrocks - Round 2

7th June 2009


TEAM: Bolts; Josh, Fridge, Davey, Dumpster; Pinckney, Davies, Wilson, Dribble; Mark, Poly. Reserves – Jason, Gordo.


With Fortress Moonshine in pretty good nick after the recent deluge or rain, we looked forward to the beginning of Round 2 in the 2009 Wellington Sunday League. Shamrocks were the visitors for this afternoons clash.


The team were all assembled on time, well almost. The now Sunday ritual of Pinckney turning up after the scheduled meet time was once again no surprise and only goes to strengthen the claims that he is in fact a hippy! No drinking or eating meat…. Plain weird!! After last weeks interesting 1-1 affair where stories had been bandied around with differing accounts, the Marauders were keen to make amends.


The warm up followed the normal pattern of occasional brilliance mixed with a blend of schoolboy errors and Sunday apathy. The only point of note being the audacity of a man with a Southern English accent (and as normal no manners) to bellow “Are you the Marauders?” Clearly this man must have still been drunk after 1 to many Budweiser Lights at the Nag & Noggin. Not only did he show no respect towards the Sunday League leaders but he then wanted to know how he got closer to the ground. As he was parked on the roadside adjacent to the pitch I thought he would have been able to answer his own question at least!!


The match begins with yours truly clearly forgetting that the winning of the toss only allows you to decide which end you will start at. The whistle is blown and the kick off taken by the Shamrocks. 27 seconds later and the Marauders are 1-0 up. The Shamrocks managed to briefly advance deep into Marauder territory only for the defence to stand firm and then launch the counter attack with a well directed pass from Davey to left midfield where Davies then turned the ball back inside to Wilson who played a first time ball across the park to an advancing Pinckney down the right flank. Pinckney then played a beautifully weighted first time ball to Poly who slotted home with a neat finish. This must be not only the fastest goal in Marauder History, but also to be perfectly honest the most decisive passage of football to grace the Wellington Sunday League.


This early goal looked to all in attendance that it could be the start of an emphatic rout for the Marauders. What did happen, was it gave the Marauders false hope that we had all transformed into actual Premier League Footballers currently on International Duty. Often the ball was coughed up too easily through an attempt to imitate the great Stevie G and cross a ball into a waiting Mark in the penalty box. A huge issue being that Mark was surrounded by opposition defenders. With another issue being that a simpler pass was possible. However self-belief should always be encouraged………… INITIALLY! Worth mentioning that the Fridge may have had the most success out of anyone at 45% although still nobody found the intended target.


Credit to the Shamrocks who didn’t give up and created a few chances of their own which were only thwarted by a well organised defence and some stunning saves by Bolts. Bolts whose leg spin throws and constant ramblings always prove popular with Marauder folk, has proved yet again that he is not easily beaten in 1-on-1 situations with another brave stop from close range midway through the first half. To prove it was no fluke he then went on to make a trifecta of saves in the second half awakening the TAB to the fact that once again a clean sheet was on the cards.


Confidence was still high and communication between players audible. Another break started by the Marauders strong defence saw Mark fouled just outside the box. After a quick battle of ‘Rock, Paper Scissors’ between Dribble and Wilson, Wilson stepped up to strike the ball cleanly but unfortunately for him straight at the keeper, fortunately for Mark he couldn’t hold onto it and Mark followed up to prod the ball into the open net. Another special mention must go to Mark here for the ‘fend’ he gave the still grieving Dribble (from his pre free-kick game loss) in the face in order to beat him to the loose ball. Praise because he showed that he was prepared to battle for any loose ball in the box. Marauders 2 – Shamrocks 0.


Half time is the usual natter, mixed up with banter thrown the way of anyone who shows a chink in their armoury.


The second half begins with the Marauders quickly on the attack and the hard working Pinckney fluffing the first of what was to be a bagful of opportunities. It turned out to be the first time in Marauder History that a player is accused of jug avoidance for a potential scoring of a hat-trick despite not even scoring one goal in the game yet alone their career. Hold on…… did this also happen to Lamo?


Dumpster tackled bravely all game, fouling anyone who got in his way. It was suspected that the injury break to Dumpster may have been a spot of Gamesmanship on his behalf to make Pedro feel sorry for him and therefore avoid a card. Sticking with our physically imposing centre backs, once again it astounds me how two players so bereft of attacking heading prowess make the long journey from the back into the penalty box on many an occasion only to fail to make contact with the ball – not all there fault today however! Hilarious to see Dumpster penalised for yet another foul this time from said voyage into the opposition box. On the way back to defence he asked what he had done wrong as he couldn’t see… Try keeping your eyes open when attempting to head the ball!


At half time it was mentioned to the skilful Dribble by Poly that after beating most of the opposition he should attempt to shoot more often. His reply a left foot drive just inside the box, the result a throw in parallel to where he was stood… classic! The final goal was just reward for failing to ever shoot with his right foot, always preferring to find some sort of angle to shoot with the left. An absolute pearler from Wooding with his right from just inside the box, after a good 1-2 down the left by Gordo and Davies and a final pass from Wilson. Marauders 3 – Shamrocks 0.

  Well done to the mighty Marauders who were fully deserving of another 3 points courtesy of this 3-0 victory. A good committed team performance from all and another clean sheet to boot. Good to hear the communication between all players now improving. Well done to the 3 fill-ins also. The only injury of note being Poly.   Other results from the round: Porirua 3 - 1 Trentham Raiders 8 - 1 Blazers




Bolts – Appalling goal kicks off the ground. Get some practice in!


Pinckney – Jug avoidance and not scoring.


Davey – For failing to look for fellow team-mates to pass to whilst dribbling with the ball. I guess after studying the ball pattern you will no doubt know how many panels the ball has!


Wilson – For forgetting you only get to choose which direction you start when winning the toss.


Fridge – For nearly assisting the Shamrocks a goal by a mishit clearance across the face of the box X 2 (I think it was twice!!).


Josh – Yet again another foul throw! Try throwing it past 2 metres! (fine handed to Wilson)


Davies – For standing too close to Josh for a throw. If you stand within 2 metres and call ‘to feet’ obviously its going to be a foul throw!


Poly – For not having his usual temper tantrum with the opposition. Always a highlight for the boys. (Payable by way of tantrum next game please!)


Matt – For only enquiring how Mark played and not the team.



See you all on Friday for the team function to be hosted by Davies.


Captain Wilson.


The Marauders Football Club
New Zealand

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